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Hi....I don't like to have a bm in a public toilet either for various reasons....I don't think it's a bad thing.

I don't think you've damaged yourself at all...I think your stressing about it is what's more the problem. It's possible you have what's called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). You could also have other things going on in there, and a gastroenterologist would be your best bet to get referred to. It's probable that you'll have to have testing done, one which is a colonoscopy for a visual to know what else is going on .

Once a day to go is pretty well normal...and I use coffee to stimulate the colon into going as well when I'm not flaring from ulcerative colitis (i'll go as soon as I wake-up then ). I go once a day or twice, depending on what I've eaten.

It's possible that a change in food will help your bms. What do you generally eat anyway? Because if you don't eat fairly normal, add lots of fibre, there'll be nothing really to bulk up except just the fibre. You say you're constipated as's possible stress can cause that, as well as not enough food intake. Fibre will help, but you have to eat enough food as well.

Just out of curiosity, what do you eat for breakfast? lunch? supper? How exactly is your eating bad?

You could also have hemorrhoids which will be exacerbated by constipation and straining. It could also be a fissure (tear in the anal folds) which could be caused by constipation.

I do think a gastro doc would be the one doc who can get you straightened out, at least to make sure you don't have anything wrong. If it's IBS, food and some medication might help. Definitely stay away from any laxatives. Coffee is a stimulant of the bowel (sigmoid) and if there's stool ready for "download" it'll start the process, and is fine to use for that...many of us do. Routine/schedule will help keep you regular as well as eating mostly properly.

Hang in there, try not to distress about it too much unless you know what you're dealing with. Try to make some changes on your part, get the referral and get checked out. Stress and the bowel's reactions can go hand in hand.

Hope this helps.

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