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[QUOTE=sivad;2085710]Oh, Harry thank you. I will try to find the chelated Iron and the Liver therapy. I was at my wits end with this thing. Appreciate you asking about my Mom. Her second surgery to rejoin the colon and rectum is on hold until I am well enough to assume her caregiving duties. We are hoping for early Jan. so you can see how I want to get back on my feet full time. Her surgeon is also my surgeon so we are going to have to do as he says. Wow this week has been so scary since the pain in my left side returned. I could just see me back in the hospital with a second surgery when my hemoglobin is 9. I will immediately get back on my soluble fiber and I already started my non soluble this morning. Again thank you so much. Sivad[/QUOTE]
Hi sivad
I really do not know the details of your condition but will tell you about my experience with having my sygmoid and another 2 1/2 feet if my large intenstine removed almost 4 years ago now. The doctor before he opened me up thought he would just have to do the sygmoid resection and I was suppose to be in the operating room for about 2 hours max . Instead I spent 6 hours in there and my husband was freaking out.
I had undiagnosed diverticulitis for a long period of time which could have been treated with antibiotics but instead I was ignored and it wound up perferating a large amount of my intestine . Luckily I did not wind up on a bag after the surgery but did wind up with a severe infection and back in the hospital for another 16 days without anything but an iv drip and absolutely no food by mouth
or oral liquids of any kind . I lost over 45 pounds through all of this in a 3 month period . with alot of pain that persisted for almost a year on my left side where the sygmoid was removed . From the time I left the hospital from nov 23 to jan 15th I was in more than I was out a total of 37 days I was in constant pain . I could not even lean on something with my left side without feeling it and where they removed the sygmoid used to swell up the size of a tennis ball
From the time I left the hospital until the following nov I took fiber ate lots of veggies and had rectal bleeding cramping and down right pain every day
My best friend was a sitz bath because everytime I had a bowel movement it burned and blead and was shear torture The gastronologist gave powdery stuff i now forget the name of it oops just remembered colesteramine n to coat my intestines and I faithfully took that with meals 3 times a day it was absolutely disgusting stuff
In the end of this year I was additionally diagnosed with Lyme not related to the divirticulitis I don't think but anyway when they started me on my lyme antibiotics the doctor also said to take a probiotic and low and behold within 2 months I have never had this problem again I buy mine over the internet and order 2 at a time and get free shipping .
Boy before all of that I was at my wits end with all the discomfort and constant pain
I am still fighting the lyme disease but I am certainly glad I listened to the doctor about the probiotics . At first I
I probably sound like a hyprocondriac but my health has been constantly bad for the last four years . Before that we had just built a new house of our dreams and I thought oh wow I certainly have come the distance fro growing up really poor from a single mom with 6 kids under the age of 10 who taught us to be strong and I thought wow I finally have my american dream .
If I were you I would find out where your blood loss is coming from since a year after my surgery another set of doctors did something to fix some of this bleeding issue and kept asking what the name of my surgeon in the other hospital was. They even went as far to look up names of the surgeons in this other hospital leaving me wonder what exactly was screwed up by the other one that they were not telling me
Good luck with yourself and your mom
Take care and ask alot of questions Be persistant

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