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Re: Resection
Feb 5, 2005
Crystal...To answer your question regarding followup...once you have had diverticulosis you are pretty much prone to developing it in other parts of the colon just because your colon is weakened and if too much pressure is exerted over a course of time in such cases as constipation then there is a good chance the walls of the colon could once again weaken causing more pouches/tics to occur. So long as you keep things moving with high fiber there shouldn't be any trouble. To be gastroenterologist did not inform me of when I SHOULD HAVE MY NEXT SCOPE....I intend to call him around my anniversary date to check. I would recommend you do the same r perhaps even discuss this with him at your postop visit.

And a siztmarker is something I am unfamiliar with....if I were to take a guess I would probably say it's a test to measure the ttime it takes for digestion to take place within the small intestine.....although I am not sure. I believe Sara just had this test & would be better able to tell you.

Hope you are getting better in terms of the pain....I too recall the times I had to hold my incision in order to laugh :D :D If you are laughing that is certainly a great sign. ;) Keep up the good work and keep us posted as to how you're doing....Goody :wave:
Re: Resection
Feb 6, 2005

By all means call the doc just before entering prep school. I'd make sure I had a date to the prom before I bought a dress if you know what I mean. Yes, it would be a mental let down to prep and stop (the military only trains to a certain level as too frequent full alerts have a reverse preperadness effect), but better to pull the plug than begin such and endeavor in a weakened state. I am sure your doc will make the right call whatever it is.


Post-Op I would swell up like a 3rd grade dodge ball. Plus my belly was mis-shapened and stretched. But it all worked itself out. Now, I have a beautiful tummy. It's a two-pack. :jester:

On the other question about follow up. I don't about the rest of you, but I am keeping an eye on my gut ... at least once per year for starters. Even though I have already forgotten most of the bad trauma, I know I don't want to go through that again. It is like cayenne pepper in the eye. One time is all it took - even lower invertabretes can put two-and-two together it is intense enough. Well, my wife knows poor diet and tics could be widow-makers, so even if I didn't want to behave and follow up, I would not have a choice.


I can't imagine waiting a few days for whatever I eat to exit. This whole sitzmarker thing is foreign to me. I have never really be corked up except after my two real surgeries. Sorry to hear you even need to go through something like that.



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