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Suzy, I have been in the exact place you are right now. My gosh, the suffering was incredible. I also know it seems like life will never be the same, but trust me, things will get better.
Like you, I had great difficulty having a bm after surgery. I just Could Not go! I tried multiple laxatives...mineral oil, Dulcolax, Milk of magnesia AND still I could not go. I strained, which probably contributed to my stitches coming apart. Hence, I ended up back in the hospital for emergency surgery, 10 days after the first surgery and a 5 day, morphine-filled hospital stay.
As Tammy said, you musn't strain. You just can't wait for it to happen either. The last thing you need is to end up with fecal impaction. Also, you not only have to get your bowels moving, but the bm's must be smooth and bulked up. One of the complications of this surgery is Anal Stenosis (a permanant tightening of the anus, which makes passing stool difficult and painful) we don't know what that's about! Anyway, my surgeon strongly advised me to get my stools bulked up to avoid the possibility of stenosis and recommended that I take Metamucil twice a day and a tablespoon of Lactulose at bedtime. This really worked for me and got things soft, bulky and moving. When I went for my final check up, he tested my rectal pressure and muscle tone and it was normal...NO STENOSIS! Thank Goodness.
After 8 weeks, I weaned myself off the Lactulose and replaced it with my current regiment. This is my bm "cocktail": As soon as I wake up, I drink an 8 oz. glass of organic apple juice, followed by 300mg of a magnesium supplement and 500mg of vitamin C.
Before breakfast, I drink 1 dose of Metamucil, followed by 16 ozs of water. For breakfast, I combine 1/2 cup of Raisin Bran and 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal, topped with fresh berries and Silk soy milk. I make sure I have a large salad meal everyday, usually at lunch. At lunch, I take another 300mg of magnesium. In the afternoon, I have another glass of Metamucil. I drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and don't eat red meat, or dairy. As I mentioned in another post, I thought it would be okay to retintroduce some dairy in my diet and I got contstipated...NOT GOOD! I take another magnesium supplement at bedtime. I would also say that 75% of my diet consists of fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes. Lentils are a foolproof bowel cleanser for me.
You are not alone, Suzy. Stay strong. Keep posting.
HI All,

I was very glad to find this forum because I feel I am not alone in this ordeal. I had a hemorrhoidectomy on August 26th - 5 weeks ago. It was done by laser (no stitches). Of course due to the after-pain involved, I said I would never recommend this surgery to anyone...unless it was absolutely necessary. After reading some of the postings in this forum, I think I am lucky that I had it done by laser surgery. I did not have excessive bleeding or have to deal with stitches. Believe me, I did (and still do) have problems but nothing compared to what I have read here.

First, I had an allergic reaction to the pain medication 3 days after the operation and broke out in a itchy rash all over my body. For a couple of weeks I layed in bed (actually I don't remember if I layed, stood up, sat, or what...I couldn't do any of that), took pain pills, and smeared the cream on my anus as directed by my doctor. When I went to my doc 2 weeks after my surgery it was discovered that I had an allergic reaction to the cream he originally gave to me (Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream) and my anus area was extremely irritated. Defication was a nightmare tenfold and I screamed an hollered each time I went. The doc changed my cream to a lidocaine jel and 1 hour after application, I could tell the difference. 2 days later, all the raw irritation was gone.

The major complication I have had with this surgery is tightening of the muscles in the anus..and I mean very, very tightening. It usually happens after I deficate. The muscles tighten in my anus, then the muscles in my scrotum tighten, then the muscles in my buttocks and lower back tighten and then I get shooting pains down my leg. The only thing I could/can do was lie in bed, take a pain pill and try to drop off to sleep. This helped/s some but I generally had to wait until the muscles loosened up before I could become mobile again. 5 weeks later, I am still having this problem but not nearly as extreme. Until 2 weeks ago, these pains would virtualy paralyze me. As a note, these constricting anus muscle pains cause/s partial defication so there is a "load" sitting there in my rectum...and that hurts and adds to the pain.

Today, I woke up feeling "normal" (whatever that is..I forgot) but after defication about 10:30am this morning, I was back in bed with a constricted anus and all that pain. Here is is 2pm 3 1/2 hours later and I feel ok.

A couple of things I would like to recommend.

For wiping, I use cotton squares used for makeup removal. You can find these in the cosmetic section of a store. They are soft and if you wet them with warm water before wiping, it will be very soothing and almost pain free.

Personal wet wipes - these are great for clean-up and can be flushed.

I add a bath product called Batherapy to my sitz really helps relax the muscles and is non-irritable.

When my anus area was completely irritated, it burned and was very painful, I lay in bed on my back, with my legs propped up on pillows. I then directed a tower fan between my legs. This had a cooling effect and helped a lot...though not always.

Men - Panty liners for women are a must. I had to use 2 or 3...but they did the job.

Did I mention the pain??? In an earlier post, someone said the pain could not be described except in words that are not nice to say. Well...I said all those words and even made up a few of my own. I found out this is a good time to doesn't hurt. At least it took my mind off the pain.

Oh...forgot, urination! I couldn't urinate for 3 weeks unless I sat in a tub of warm water and urinated there. It was rare that I could do it on my own. After 3 weeks, it was a 50/50 combination of urinating in a tub of water and doing it by myself. 4 weeks out...and now 5, I can finally urinate on my own.

As I look back over the past 5 weeks, I can halfway laugh at some of the things I did to ease the pain, even though it wasn't funny then. Like lying in bed with my legs spread and a fan, or standing on my balcony nude with my butt cheeks spread to cool it off, or hollering explicit remarks...and many more things. However, This surgery is no laughing matter as I am sure you will all agree.

Thanks for this forum. I will be back. Good luck to all with your recuperations.

Ken, thanks for sharing your ordeal. It is especially insightful to hear from someone who had it done by laser. The interesting thing I find is that I had mine by harmonic scapel, and you had it by laser, but it sounds like we went through the identical ordeal, as far as only being able to only urinate in the tub for the first few weeks and all of the pain. The one difference is you were spared the agony of the stitches.

Those stitches I had, felt exactly like having my ass sewn up with stiff packaging cord and hurt like hell and made walking terribly painful. It was the stitches that gave me unbearable grief in the latter stages of 3-6 weeks, as my skin around the stitches became inflamed and would tear a bit if I wasn't careful when walking or moving. I actually cut off the outside ones after I talked to the nurse at week 5---I don't recommend that though, as it felt as if I had loosened the ones inside somehow and that led to other horrible feelings and problems.

I didn't experience, though, the tightening in the anus muscles you describe, but I did feel when I defecated as though my butt hole had undergone a face lift and was stretched abnormally tight, and sometimes tore a bit from the tightness. I have to say this herb name gotu kola I actually squirted inside my rectum was a lifesaver and took that feeling and other pains inside my butt away within 2 weeks of using it.

I wonder if the tightening you feel is a drawback of laser, or if you just need more healing time. If I were in your position, I'd use that herb inside as it sounds as though you have some healing that still needs to happen. Take heart though, at 5 weeks I was anywhere but healed. Taking a lot of stool softeners and eating lots of fiber and drinking water to get my stools soft and self-moving helped tons.

I didn't have too much trouble with rectal burning because I would dab on a glob of vaseline right before I had a bowel movement and this acted like protective grease that also cut down on any burning.

Keep us posted of your recovery.

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