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Steve, you sound like your confusing a point here:

You write what is the point of going through the surgery if your hemorrhoids come back if you don't change your habits?

Well this is the point: if you have the surgery your hemorrhoids that were taken out WON'T come back, even if you don't change your habits.

This is what may happen, whether you do or DON'T have the surgery, and you continue your current habit of strenuous weight lifting:

New hemorrhoids will form in DIFFERENT veins than your current ones. But if you don't have the surgery, not only will you continue to be miserable from your CURRENT hemorrhoids, but you may also add more in DIFFERENT veins to boot.

You see what happens with this surgery is the vein with the hemorrhoid is cut out. End of story. It's gone. To heal the surgical excision, you need to abstain from weightlifting and avoid straining and hard stools with bowel movements.

What this surgery doesn't do, is cover the rest of the (now healthy) veins in your rectal vault. You see we are born with many veins in our rectal vault. By the time many people reach age 50, they have developed bulges in some of those veins, and these bulges are called hemorrhoids; these are developed through various stresses and pressure on those veins, and sometimes, just genetically.

I had one hemorrhoid in my left rear area. I had it banded 4 times (I thought actually I had 4 different ones banded, but no, it was the same one). I had poor post-op instructions on how to avoid making them reoccur in the same vein that was left in, and just went back to my old lifestyle. Within 6 months, this same vein would form a new hemorrhoid in the same place.

Now in my hemorrhoidectomy, that vein was cut out. No more hemorrhoids will form there, as the vein doesn't exist (bye, bye vein, you will not be missed). However, I've got other veins in my rectal vault which are now okay and healthy; but if I ignore good bowel habits and also put excessive strain on my butt, well those can also, independent of the one removed, develop their own hemorrhoids.

So, if you have this surgery, your current hemorrhoid WILL NEVER COME BACK. However, you may develop new hemorrhoids in other veins independent of the vein(s) that will be removed in your surgery. The point of the surgery is to remove the ones that are defective.

You aren't a good candidate for rubberbanding, which removes the bulging hemorrhoid but leaves the 'troublesome' vein in, since you would go right back to weightlifting and no doubt that same vein, that was left in, would develop a hemorrhoid again in months.

Now, the hospital nurse assigned to me after my surgery had also had a hemorrhoidectomy 20 years ago. She said that now, 20 years later, she had small hemorrhoids, but they weren't troublesome to her. She looked about 50. Perhaps in another 10-20 they will be very troublesome to her. But these were new ones, independent of the ones she had removed, elsewhere in her rectal vault. She, however, looked to be no weightlifter and didn't seem to get them from that, just from the strain of regular life on her feet many hours, sitting alot, etc.

If you do this surgery, and return to weightlifting, maybe you will be lucky, and go the rest of your life without developing new hemorrhoids in the other remaining healthy veins in your rectal vault. But, I think you will be pushing your luck, since you already have developed hemorrhoids. Maybe if you persist in heavy lifting, even within months you will develop a new hemorrhoid that has nothing to do with the one removed. Maybe you will be lucky and go for 10 years or maybe you will have a heart attack and croak before any would have developed and not have to worry.

Anyone who tells you that you can practice weightlifting and never, ever have to worry about getting hemorrhoids again is either ignorant or lying to you. Pressure and strain is a major cause of hemorrhoids. When I used to work out, I saw some men lift 600-800 pounds. I wonder how their rectal vaults are doing now? Some people are fortunate and never suffer hemorrhoids; my own husband is near 80 and never had a hemorrhoid in his life; yet he never did repetitive weight lifting in his entire life either. I did; I wonder if that is the difference.

I understand your need to relieve stress. It seems to me, however, that sooner or later you will have to undergo removal of the veins that currently have hemorrhoid bulges; I hope it is not as an emergency, because then you will have no choice of your surgeon and will have to live with the results of that surgeon's work.

Once you do this surgery, what you do is up to you. You can resume weightlifting after you are healed and take your chances with new, different ones forming---as I hope you understand by now that the ones that you will have removed won't come back, as those veins will have been cut out. Sometimes, like it or not, if we have a health problem, we are forced to make lifestyle changes. There are many other sports out there that also are great stress relievers: Boxing, racketball, jogging, tennis, basketball, martial arts, and so on, that don't put you at the risk of developing new hemorrhoids.

You've got an acute problem now: a hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids that need to be removed. If you give up weightlifting now, you may get away with a simple banding and practicing good bowel habits, but you would be at increased risk in those troubled veins of redeveloping the same hemorrhoids. You can try that though, as it is a 'conservative' method compared to the hemorrhoidectomy.

If you do nothing, you will probably end up in the emergency room as each time you lift weights the hemorrhoids become engorged---pretty soon with that kind of abandon, you will have a problem you can't ignore.

If you do nothing, and stop lifting weights, those hemorrhoids will still be there; over the counter methods might give relief, but at any time you again exert undo pressure, they will probably flair up.

If you have them banded, and stop lifting weights, again just from bowel straining, those troublesome veins may develop hemorrhoids again.

If you have them banded, and go back to lifting weights, not only will those troublesome veins flare up again, but you also risk getting hemorrhoids in other unaffected veins.

Finally, as I wrote above, if you have the veins cut out through a hemorrhoidectomy (ectomy in medical language means to cut out), and go back to lifting weights, those same hemorrhoids will never come back, but you risk getting hemorrhoids in other currently unaffected veins.

Get the idea?

Look, I myself hate the reality. You think I like the idea that I have to, for the rest of my life, eat foods I don't like and struggle constantly with keeping my stools soft and self-moving? Hell no. I still am struggling to win that battle daily almost 3 months post-op, but the hemorrhoid I had is gone, forever. Now I can disregard eating right and not putting excessive strain on my rear, and see if I'm lucky to go 20 plus years without any new hemorrhoids. But, to be honest, I never want to develop new hemorrhoids, not after having to go through this surgery twice in a row.

These are your options, Steve. In a way, you have to realize that you don't have the kind of options you want. However, nothing is written in stone, and you may go another 40 years without any new hemorrhoids if you have the surgery. But, God forbid, you should live to 100 then! lol If you're scared about having this surgery now at 46, imagine how you'll feel at age 90 to face this surgery? Honestly, I don't think medical science will have any less painful methods by then, either, so don't count on that :)
KingFootie, I read about that PPH procedure a couple of months back, and I would be frightened to undergo that, because it involves this device that the surgeon draws your tissue into, and if he draws in too much muscle tissue, damage can be done to the rectal wall. Also, I'm not sure, but I believe this stapling device actually puts staples in you, and staples have known to cause problems afterwards in hemorrhoid operations. Plus, I read where some people had that done, and their hemorrhoid was not removed. Also, the muscles of the sphincter can stretch, resulting in short term dysfunction as you had, but also long term, meaning permanento!

And as far as a stapled hemorrhoidectomy, there are studies to show many patients develop ghost pains in the rectum 5-6 months after. In fact, there was some poor lady who wrote us a few weeks back who had a stapled hemorrhoidectomy 5 months prior, and she now she was experiencing a new bout of excruciating pain. The last I heard from her was the morning she was to see her surgeon to find out what the problem was. She never posted on the board again, and I am afraid the worst happened to her.

Anyone who claims there is an easy, relatively painless hemorrhoid surgery technique is to me either a surgeon in disguise passing off bogus facts to lure new patients into these surgeries, or someone who has never had it done, but is passing along materials they have read, or some really lucky person who experienced the best case scenario, as you evidentally did.

I, for one, though, wouldn't volunteer my butthole to a new procedure, especially one that involves staples. Tell us how you are doing 8 month postop. I am interested in seeing if you develop any ghost pain as that poor lady did. I really hope you don't, but this is a risk of your procedure. If you are still pleased as punch a year from now, then that would give a lot more credence to your success story.

A lot of the information I have found on PPH online is mostly glossed over hype from surgeons performing the technique. This is because it is so new, so this makes it harder for someone to really make an informed decision on whether this procedure is right for them. Most people wouldn't think to dig far for the darker sides of this operation, but, they sure would want to know this bad information prior to doing it, then afterwards when it is too late to reverse the procedure if they find themselves stuck with postop problems they can't tolerate.
Please help!! I have been reading your posts for several weeks now and they have been very helpful, but I need some help. Iwent to a doctor in late july for removal of a hemorrhoid. The doctor banded it and the next day, the band fell off. I returned a week later and he surgically cut the hemorrhoid off??? He never told me to take stool softeners nor did he put a stitch in. Needless to say, the next day my first bm I was in severe pain. I ended up in the er where another doctor(under anest) had to fix the damage. He said I tore on the inside from my bm and had to have stitches and he removed a hemorrhoid. I was in such pain that night after the surgery I returned to the er for morphine. It has been 4 months now and I am not fully healed. I went to a colorectal surgeon last week who said I have a fissure. I can see the cut on the outside of my rectum which continues inside. The bleeding has stopped over a month ago, and I do not have pain during or after bm. It just feels sore to the touch and sometimes like it's just raw. It does not sound like a fissure from what I have read but I guess from what it looks like it is. The doctor did not do a internal exam. I have tried nitro-glycerin but it did not help. I am know using diltiazem, does anyone know how long it should take to notice a difference??? I am so afraid to have botox injections or any other kind of surgery. I lost all faith in doctors and worry terribly about incontinence as a result. I feel depressed and can relate to all of you who feel like this will never end. I just started using goto kula. Does anyone have any other suggestions??? Please help. Thanks
[QUOTE=Tammynoska]4-1/2 weeks ago I had an emergency hemorrhoidectomy and sphincter reconstruction, to repair a hemorrhoidectomy done a week prior that went bad, where the running stitch had to be restitched, and scar tissue that formed had to be removed from my sphincter. I'm hoping to hear feedback from people who have completely recovered from a hemorhoidectomy or had one 3 or more months ago, and how long it took for a full recovery? Right now I still have pain when I pass stool, like I am cut and/raw inside and bleed about a thimble-full of blood at the end. I am getting really discouraged how long this is lasting to recover. I have part of my original running stitch on the outside with skin grown over that hasn't dissolved and remains as a tender lump. The worse part is the soreness and bleeding when I have a bm, as I thought by now I would be fully recovered. It's really depressing me. I have to add, though, that I have only been going on the toilet for the last 13 days, as before I could only have a bm in a tub full of water. I have to have 3 100 mg. colace a day, eat a bowl of oatment,and a bowl of raisin bran, even add bran to my supper to keep my stool soft, and all of this stuff is starting to interfere with proper absorption of my thyroid medicine, which is okay for a month, but if this lasts for 2 or 3 months, I will become hypothyroid again. Can anyone tell me how long they bled and/or had pain rectally after their hemorrhoidectomy and/or sphincter repair, and at what length of time did they finally feel normal, painfree, no more bleeding at stools?

hi runninggal,
I wrote you about my hemorrhoid surgery and you answered and I wrote again but you haven't answered me. I am marg messick and like I told you I had to have an exam under anesthesia and the doctor said all looked okay and I was healing but why am I still having some bleeding with BMs? the surgeon said he was going to give it until august and if I still was bleeding he will send me to a colo rectal specialists. It has been almost 4 months since my hemorrhoidectomy. I had a terrible time and its my 2nd hemorrhoid surgery. I had my first one 25 years ago. the surgeon who did this one said the 1st surgeon took too much tissue which left my anal canal very narrow. He said this is why its taking so long to heal. I just hope it finally heals. I get constipated very easy and am trying to avoid this with colace,fiber and a powder prescribed by the surgeon. There are times when I don't bleed but they are rare.I also drink a ton of water. do you have any encouraging words since you went through so much. did you bleed very long? I will anxiously wait for your opinion. thanks marg messick
Thanks Nan! Your information has really helped. You confirmed what I was thinking, that the fiber pills are not as effective. Which stool softener are you taking? I haven't been taking any, just the fiber. I didn't realize that stool softener would continue to be part of this recovery/hell.

I do still have two "tags" and one spot that is like a hard knot, but is scar tissue. The main problem this week is one area where my stitches were that has gone from red and swollen to red and torn. And there is a new place on the inside that feels torn and is incredibly painful. I think this is where the blood comes from.

I am terrified it is a new hemorrhoid. I see the doc Monday for my 6 week check up.

Has anyone returned to work yet and had to deal with the bathroom issue there? Does anyone else have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or symptoms like IBS in addition to recovering from the surgery?

Thx. Pixie
Help!...Need advice on Hemorrhoidectomy I just had
I am new to this issue but have posted on the spinal cord disorder issue, I had herniated disc surgery in March.

I read a lot of this thread on Thursday and it scared me so much with all the pain some have had with this surgery.

Here is my problem now.. Last week I suddenly got an enlarged external thrombosed hemorrhoid that was so painful I could hardly walk. It was about the size of a walnut. It came on so suddenly, I don't know what I did to cause it. I did have diareaha from some vitimins I had taken. I went to the Dr. on Wed and she said I needed surgery ASAP. I had surgery yesterday on Fri. Pain was bad last night but I could tolarate with the pain pills. I even had a small BM today that wasn't tooo bad. But now I have noticed that it looks like another enlarged vein on the other side that is poping out. Please someone reasure me it isn't so. I DO NOT want to
have more surgery. The Dr. was highly recommended by my neurosurgeon.
Has this happened to anyone else and will it go away on it's on? Or is this just swollen tissue from surgery? Thank you for any help/advise.
I am so glad that I found this site. I have never heard of hemorrhoidectomy until 2 minutes before I actually had one! I was due to have our first child on Friday, September 16th, so yes I am currently late. I had my hemorrhoidectomy on Thursday, September 15th! I am glad that my baby will be a little late so that I will have time to heal. My hemorrhoid was huge! My loving husband looked at it and said, it's huge, goosh!!! I tried my first bowel movement last night which was 2 days after my surgery and almost died!!! I wasn't successful! My husband bought some Colace for me so I will try it out later this evening. I am not ready now. Now I am afraid. I don't know what I will do when it's time for me to push my baby out! I just need some words of encouragement now. Has anyone had this problem at 40+ weeks of pregnancy like me?

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