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Anitraw, yes, the fact that you had a bm yesterday and you are doing okay today is an excellent sign you are on the road to healing. To give you something to measure by, when I was at your point, I was in extreme pain, I bled with every bowel movement, I could only pee and pass gas and stool in a tub of water. You are doing much better than I was at your point.

The reason I was so bad is that I didn't know how to make my stools soft and pass by themselves. My surgeons nurses gave me very poor advice, and it took me almost 5 weeks to learn what to eat. During those 5 weeks when I didn't know what to do, I kept reinjuring myself.

Now I am a pro at what to eat right, but it cost me a longer healing process, and possibly made my butt a bit too much scar tissue that is now caused me some trouble.

So you are getting the right kind of advice and doing it while it is not too late. I am so glad to read that you are now actively seeking to get yourself all of the right kind of foods to eat.

If desitin doesn't help you with the rash, here is something that will: it is called calmoseptine ointment. I had a very bad rash too for weeks and desitin didn't help it, and I used the desitin day and night. Runninggal, another poster, told me about calmoseptine ointment. It's good for this:

Protects and helps heal skin irritations from:

Incontinence of urine or feces -
Feeding tube leakage -
Minor burns, scrapes -
Fecal or vaginal fistulas -
Wound drainage -
Diaper rash -
Moisture, such as perspiration -

It is made just for trouble from rectal surgeries. It is available without a prescription. I found it at an online store, and if you do a search on or for calmoseptine ointment, you should find a place where you can get it.

This ointment got rid of my rash. But my rash would come back every couple of weeks or so because I continue to have for 12 weeks wound drainage between my butt cheeks, so I would just reused the ointment each time a new rash reappeared, and the calmoseptine would always get rid of it.

It is very important that you try not to sit on your bum ahead of time. I made the mistake the first time I had this surgery to try to sit down and I broke a stitch on the outside. The second time I had the surgery to fix the first one, I made real sure not to sit directly on my butt if it hurt. I took the pain as a signal that my butt wasn't ready for me to sit on it on any surface that caused pain. That eliminated a lot of chairs I could sit on.

I found I could sit in my husband's lazyboy recliner that has a really thick cushion without a hard base, and mosting reclining so no direct weight was on my tender surgery area. I also found I could sit in a wheelchair using a special 4 inch thick wheelchair cushion. That is how I ate at the dinner table, but I wasn't able to even sit in the wheelchair until around 4 weeks later as the pain was severe if I tried to sit. I spent the first 4 weeks eating either reclining, or in a tub of water, because I would sometimes pass gas, and I could only do it while in water.

Even with all of my troubles I did heal, but I had a setback a couple of weeks ago from a stool too hard, and caused a rip in my butt the size of a small cut. I am now working on healing from that, but I am not incapacitated like I was from the surgery. Don't worry, you will heal from this, but it may take 2-4 months to totally feel normal again.

After you are healed, you should still keep your stools soft and self-moving to keep from getting a new hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids form a lot from pushing and straining to go.

Have a good night's sleep. Sleep is very important to the healing process.
Walt, I never used Balmax, so I don't have any remarks on it, but I did use something yesterday that burned the #@!# on my inner cheeks, and I had to rush to wipe it off. It was Aveeno, which surprised me because it is supposed to be for diaper rash on babies. The poor babies that can't speak to tell their mamas to wipe it off! I figured it irritated me because it quickly became super dry and kind of abrasive, and maybe also because it contains lactic acid in the ingredients. Well, it did scald me a bit.

Luckily I had calmoseptine, and it was like a cool refreshing salve that definitely saved me. Boy, I am very grateful to runninggal for telling me about calmoseptine. I have had to put it on extra heavy this last 24 hours to heal the reaction to the Aveeno, and it has been nothing less than a lifesaver to me.

My complaints about this surgery, is that I personally have developed 2 drawbacks or problems due to this surgery.

1. I now have some bit of leakage after stools. I never had that before the surgery. What happens is after I go, within minutes to an hour after, a small trace of stool and/or rectal liquid will leak out.

This is very bad, because it causes burning, and/or hurt, like tiny pieces of gravel are grating my delicate tissues. I am surprised at the level of pain just a tiny piece of stool fragment can cause. Never, before my surgery would I ever have this kind of pain reaction or stool leakage. I truly am angry about this problem.

I have since learned to immediately go to the bathroom and, put on the headband light and sit in the self exam position. Only then can I see the leakage, and clean it off with wet cotton swabs. Relief follows immediately. I consider this problem a real nuisance. The pain/burning doesn't subside until I clean off the stools.

2. The surgery has left prominent scars on the outside of my left cheek that chafe and hurt because of their predominance. Before my surgery, the inside of both butt cheeks were smooth and, I guess, just right to allow walking without the opposing cheeks rubbing each other---stuff we take for granted.

Now I've got these 2 damn scars that are a bit lumpy and they will rub sometimes against my other cheek and burn themselves from the rubbing. The only solution I see would be cosmetic surgery, but I sure as hell ain't gonna go through any more butt surgery. I consider this a real problem.

So I traded off my rectal bleeding for these 2 drawbacks. I am not a happy camper about them. This is my beef. I told my surgeon about the leakage and he seems to think that it will go away when my fissure heals, but I am not so sure. As far as my scars, I think I am going to have to live with a glob of calmoseptine between my butt cheeks to keep from having painful chafing from my scars.

So anybody out there thinking hemorrhoids aren't such a big deal, should think twice, because this surgery isn't such an easy breeze, and the outcome might leave you with different problems that are just as unacceptable.

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