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Re: Pinworms!
Apr 12, 2006
:bouncing: :bouncing: at least he took some!

usually when a person has worms and they have a bowel movement after taking medication they do often see the worms on tissue paper after wiping, but this doesnt always have to be the case.

I gave my son a tablets not so long ago as he had it, the next bowel movement he had i wiped for him and it was clear. This doesnt mean to say he still has them, it could just be that the worms were actually inside the faeces instead of around the outside of it.

A good way to find out if you still have them is by putting a small piece of tape over the anus at night. In the morning remove it and see if you can see any on it. Sounds gross but is it what is commonly advised if in doubt.

To be honest i think if the itching has gone then the worms have gone, just remember to take another dose 14 days after the first dose.

As for the cleaning, you will be ok cooling off now. Just stick to not sharing the same bath towels. If you have a bath instead of a shower, just rinse the bath before you run fresh water. The bedding should be ok now as you dont share it with your mother or step father so it cannot be passed that way now everyone has had treatment. Effective hand washing will keep it at bay from coming back.

Congratulations on beating the horrible things!!! :)

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