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finally did it after 20 years of suffering from polapse and bleeding from internal and external hemorrhoids......I was anemic from loss of blood and had been rec'ing transfusions for years because I refused to even consider 'roid surgery........all I heard was that it was extremely painful.

uh, yeah, it is.

so now I am 10 days post op, haven't gone back to work yet (secretarial). Bosses want me back tomorrow and I don't see any way I can do it....I cannot sit all day. Is it normal for pain and discomfort to last this long?

Had first bm 6 days post op....horrible horrible, thought I was dying. I am still having to do a sitz bath after each bm to get my poor rectum to unclench and relax.

I had all 3 columns removed and sutured. Didn't do the stapling, my surgeon not a fan of it at all.

When am I going to feel normal? I am eating ok, very careful what I eat, drinking lots of water & juices, doing the stool softener and fiber route. I poop once a day sometimes twice. Still hurts but I don't black out now. But I do have a terrible aching pain in my left buttock......deep inside. Ache does not go away with heat or ice or meds. There are very sharp shooting pains from the left side of my rectum up into this painful area in my buttock. What in heck is that? Just nerves complaining? It makes me jump and yelp when it happens.

so glad found this board....I need to talk to some folks who have gone through this.

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