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You sound like such a kind man and genuinely worried about your wifeís well-being. If only surgeons were like you, this country would have great health care!

Well, I called the general surgery clinic again at 7:30 this morning and the nurse finally called me back at 9:00. We had a good conversation about what I felt about my surgery and the non-support afterwards. She said she was 59 years old and had the surgery twice when she was younger and that back then they didnít have todayís technology. I asked her to share more of her experience with me and she didnít give a single detail other than saying it is very very painful. I wonder if she was lying about having had the surgery.

In any case, she told me I could take 400 Ė 800 mg of Advil in between my Vicodin so that I donít have to use as much Vicodin. I asked her if it took the pain away the same. She said no, because Vicodin is a narcotic, but that it would help some. And this way I could avoid taking so much Vicodin so that I wonít get constipated. I asked her how often I should be taking the Colace. She said only once a day. I also told her I wasnít eating much at all and was starting to feel weak. She said for me to eat because my body needs the strength to recover. She said at least to eat some mashed potatoes or something. I said ďwonít that constipate me?Ē And she said well, youíre not eating much. I asked her about taking the Metamucil but she said to wait until I talk to the doctor tomorrow. She said it sounds like I donít need to because Iím passing stools, and that was the important thing. I told her that even though the stools are soft, it FEELS like Iím trying to pass a huge lump. She said that is only because my bottom is swollen and that that feeling will go away in time.

So, I will have someone go get Advil for me today. This morning I had a bm again and it was painful to pass. I had to push until everything came out, including all the gas from yesterday, which I thought the stupid Gas-X would take away. Apparently, it didnít.

I complained to the nurse that I was not prepared enough as far as patient education for this surgery. I told her that I am having to figure out which foods to eat on my own, how to use my medications correctly, etc. I told her that I was going to let my doctor have it tomorrow when I go to my appointment! She assured me that I was doing all the right things and there was nothing different that I should do. I told her I was afraid my bottom was healing up too small which is why it feels like itís so difficult to pass even small, soft stools. But she said that is only because my bottom is swollen, not because itís healing too small. She said everything would be ok and not to worry Ė that Iím only in my first week and that is why it feels so bad.

I feel sorry for your poor wife who was not able to lay down in bed for so long! She is lucky to have had you through her gall bladder surgery. I had mine out in March í97. I struggled with diarrhea (pretty much every single day), sometimes several times a day, no matter what I ate, ever since. It wasnít until August of this year that my doctor told me to try Metamucil because of my hemorrhoids. I like the effect the Metamucil had on my stools. I had ďnormalĒ bmís. However, my hemorrhoids had already developed, which led me to have the surgery.
Thanks for the response, Harry. Take care Ė both you and your wife.

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