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Hey-ho, it's me again. I am a 17 yo female, no significant med. history. Was recently diagnosed with GERD via upper gi series.

Does anyone know if internal hemorroids can bleed without passing a BM? This happened to me two days ago...I went to urinate, and noticed I was bleeding rectally. I'm not sure how long I sat on the toilet, but for the entire time I could hear blood dripping into the water, and I occasionally held a piece of tissue under there to see the large amount of red staining it when I took it away. The bleeding eventually stopped, and when I looked the water was dark red with blood. You couldn't even see the bottom of the bowl. Again, I did [U]not[/U] pass any stool. Gas, yes. But no stool.

This is the third time this has happened to me in the last month, but the previous two times were not as severe and were followed shortly by bloody diarrhea.

We called the GP and were told that it was probably either a fissure, 'roids, or colitis. The colitis maybe, but it certainly is not a fissure as I was in no pain whatsoever (and am never in pain when having a BM).

Okay, next up...

Lately I have been incredibly gassy. My diet has been really bland, courtesy of my mum, so I have no idea where this gas is coming from. Sometimes it gives me sharp cramps in my lower left quadrant which come and go. I also get really odd deep rumbling noises in my lower abdominal area, this morning especially.

My stool is a lot looser and more frequent than usual, and seems to break apart easily, as if it hadn't had a lot of time to form. Almost always it has a bunch of thick white mucus-like stuff clinging to it, and occasionally there is blood. The colour is yellow-ish-brown. Most of the times the blood is bright, but there have been instances where it is a lot darker. There are no streaks of blood, only large spots or entire areas of the stool itself, like it was dipped in blood or something. (For a day or so after the upper gi, my stool was white because of the barium, and I could see occasional red areas on it really and white hehe...just in time for Christmas) Also, I seem to regularly pass many small, very soft pieces along with slightly larger pieces. These are not hard and I have no difficulty passing them.

I also appear to be tired a lot more than I am normally, and get brief dizzy spells when I stand up suddenly from a sitting or lying position. Could this be anemia? And regarding possible anemia, I have missed my period for two months straight now, and have never had sex. Thought I'd include that...I've heard it's another sign. :/

I am scheduled to see my GP about all of this some time within the next couple of days, but I was curious what people here might think this to be. Colitis, maybe? Has anyone else had these or similar symptoms?

Thanks for hearing me and my gross symptoms out. :p

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