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I am probably freaking out too much on this, but here goes. A few months ago I noticed some bright red blood on the toilet paper after I wiped. Stool looked normal, a light to medium brown (tan). This came and went over a few days. I went and got an at home test kit for blood. Most times it showed no problem, a couple of times it showed postivie. This went away for a couple of months. About a month ago I noticed the blood on the paper again. Just the first couple of wipes then it was gone. Not a large amount. Again, the stool looks normal. Did the test kit again and of course it was positive. Guess that would make sense if this was hemmoriods and it was on the outside of the stool.

Anyway, now I am not noticing the blood on the paper but the kit is still showing positive. I tried to wipe between BM when I was clean and put the paper on the test strip. Guess what, it showed positive. This sounds to me like just an irritated anal area. So under direction from my better half, I am trashing the test kit as it sounds like these are false positives when nothing is on the paper and the stool is a nice light brown. My doc is setting me up with a GI doc just in case for a consultion but wouldn't the stool be something other than the light brown if there was any blood in it? I have had no bowel habit changes and do occasionally have some anal itching.

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