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I agree with nikki, you should at least call your family doctor. Although it does sound like it is a fissure there are other diseases that can actually cause fissures. It sounds like you have large, dry stools because you are constipated. You mentioned that you take a multivitamin, this could be one of the causes of your constipation. I, personally, can't take a "multivitamin" but have to only take certain vitamins. There is too much iron, for my metabolism, in the multivitamins and causes constipation for me. The key to healing your fissure, if that is what it is, is to make sure you are maintaining a high fiber diet both through the foods you eat and a supplement. Drink plenty of fluids during the day and avoid the things that tend to bind or harden the stool. You want to keep your stool soft and bulked up so that it passes easily without tearing the fissure open every time you have a bm. Sitz baths are also a must, especially after having a bm. They will help to keep the area clean and to help relax the anal sphincter muscle so it does not spasm and hinder the healing process or cause pain. These should be taken at least four times a day and especially after having a bm. You mentioned that the only pain you have is actually during the bm but not after, you are in the early stages and can get this under control now but you must be diligent about it. You don't want this to get worse and you definitely want to change your lifestyle to keep it from happening again in the future. I don't know what your regular diet is or how much fluid you take in daily but fissures are a result of passing large, hard stools that tear the lining of the anus. Keeping yourself from becoming constipated everyday is important. Your body is telling you something, listen to it. Hope things get better for you.

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