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Thank you for the replies and advise. I recently moved to Seattle so I had to change from the Dr. who did the Hem. surgery to a new C.R. doctor. I know there are a lot of positive stories on the L.I.S. surgery but I'm still really nervous to have it done. I've had the fissure probably about since mid-feb. so around 10 weeks or so. The pain is actually improved tremendously since I first felt the burn of the tear. It was much worse with the Analpharm HC cream and poking the cream up there. Now I just get a tiny drop of blood on the TP. I know the surgery could turn out okay but not sure about the risk of pooping my pants.

;) EricCollin - I stopped the HC cream entirely and already my external part of my 'bon bon' is improving. I've soaked in Epsom salt water mixed with Aveeno Oatmeal bath. Very nice. I haven't checked to see if the redness is gone yet. I'm to afraid to spread my cheeks for a look. The BMs are a little rough but the pain feels manageable. I'm trying not to lift the kids and stay off the feet. It's just a little raw when exercising or walking. I've had some itching too but baby powder seems helpful. The new doc. said don't wash the area. Just can't do that--too stinky--so Johnson's baby wash is working great.

I haven't taken any Metamucil or Citrucil like a lot of others because I don't want to ingest any "phenolaline (sp)?-type" chemicals. Usually, if I drink 4 to 6 oz of prune juice, fluids, beans, and veggies I get a pretty soft stool. I've also taken Phillips stool softner and Milk of Magnesia on days when I've broken down and drank to much cow's milk. The poops not toothpaste consistensy but I can't figure a way to get it any softer. I'm planning on trying some cod liver oil/fish oil this week before I eat any meals for the day. Anyone else tried this?

:confused: ??? What I can't figure out is why on earth the internal sphincter muscle wouldn't just relax over time? Anyone ever studied anatomy or medicine? I'd like to know. Anywho, after both my c-sections I had some musclespasams in my abdominal area but as you heal the muscles relax. I can't imagine that the internal sphincter muscles down there wouldn't stretch on their own after some time passed.

I'm so glad that we have this messageboard. My husband is getting tired of my poop stories I'm afraid and my sex life is in the toilet right now due to this situation. Thanks for the support.

P.S. Does anyone else think this thing looks like poop jumping up and down? :blob_fire

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