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To take a fiber supplement and have 1 BM daily -- it depends on many things, your constitution, what type of diet do eat daily( amount of fiber in foods you eat), the medications that you take, the amount of water/fluids you drink and the exercise or activity you get daily.
It is really a trial and error process with the dosage??

For me I need between 7 and 8 grams of psyllium daily. But, for my wife she takes 5 gms most days but sometimes she takes 7 grams.

So, it is almost impossible for me to tell you what to take and how much.

My wife uses a Vitamin Shoppe psyllium capsule that is 870 mgm and I take the powder form of Equate --orange flavored and sugar-free.

I have taken Konsyl and it is pure psyllium and I think it does not mix well like Metamucil or Equate does.

FiberCon is Calcium Polycarbophill and is a synthentic fiber--- does not ferment or broken down by bacteria. It acts like an insoluble fiber.

If you have the Equate brand of psyllium -- I think it is a matter of adjusting the dose several times daily for you and your lifesyle.

I have never used Citrucel.

I wish you well---Harry

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