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My brother has been experiencing the following sympthons for almost the past month, he is seeing mucus and blood on loose stool, and mostly on the toilet tissue. he is 41, no real pains just urgency to go out, and going more than often to toilet, and nothing much goes out but this mucus and blood,
no weight lost (just 1 or 2 kgs after he was on diet) and his weight is stable, no weakness, and no other sympthons

the whole thing started as in the following:

1. He was taking strong antibiotic prior to the sympthons.

2. then he had fever and he threw up.

3. After that he started noticing bright blood drops on stools, and the stools became yellowish, with more urgency to go to toilet, no real pains, just feeling uncomfortable guts.

4. Family doctor thought it is Amebic Dysentery and he suggested a diet and treatment by a complete course metronidazole (Flagyl) (treatement for 10 days, then stop for a week, then re-take the course for another 7 days), once he started he felt much better and the sympthons were almost gone. so he stopped the course (he stopped after the 1st stage of treatment, didnt continue)
5. After he stopped the treatment and diet the sympthons are back!
6. After that he made 2 stool tests with the following result

1st normal stool test: results are :
white blood cells: +
Red blood cells: +
all other values are negaitve

2nd stool and FOBT test: results are:
Fungi: ++
Fecal Occult Blood: Negative
all other values were negative as well

7. until now there is yellowish loose stools with mucus and blood strikes on it (though the FOBT is negative!!) no real weight lose (only 1 kgs or so because of diet) appetite is good, no weakness.

8. two days ago my bro went to the doctor .. he checked on him and the stool tests, and performed echography on him, the doctor say he doesnt think there is something serious but he appointed him for colonscopy in 2 days.

my brother is 41 years old,

Now we are waiting the colonscopy to know, yet we are all so worried, do you think it is cancer? and how come FOBT result is negaive yet there is bleeding?

please help i would like to hear your opinion!!

Thanks all,

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