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I have been taking a fiber supplement for 23 years but have not tried some of the newer types on the market like Benefiber.

To have normal BMs -- a person needs 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily -- 4 grams is a teaspoon. The fiber needs to be a combination of both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Because the soluble fiber is a bulking agent by absorbing fluids and the insoluble fiber does not absorb-- it causes the intestines to contract resulting in moving digested food through your intestines and out.

All meats, seafoods and all dairy products contain NO fiber.

All fruits, veggies, nuts &seeds and bran in cereals --also including the outer part of beans and peas are all insoluble-- this type food moves the bowels but w/o any soluble fiber for bulk-- your stools would be small or thin in diameter.

Soluble fiber is the inner part of grains like rice, wheat, corn, oats and barley. And, the inner part of beans & peas. Except green bean are insoluble. The root veggies like potatos, carrots, beets and turnips all absorb fluids.
Most people don't get enough soluble fiber
so we take a soluble fiber supplement. I take psyllium in the powdered form because I mix it with water so it is well dispersed--- it starts absorption instantly when contacting fluids of any type. It also slows down your digestion process.

Some people use fiber in capsules but I don't like the way they work-- they open further down your digestive tract. My wife uses caps because the powder type bother her hiatal hernia by expanding so quikly. But it seems like she has more BM problems than normal.

Taking a natrual fiber like psyllium, guar gum, chicory root(Inulin) all ferment with digestion and cause gas but the gas will go away with continued use. I suggest you start off slow if you don't want much gas.
Methyll cellulose that is in Citrucel is semi- synthetic and result in less gas because it does not breakdown.

I wish you well with your food and supplements choices.


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