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Hey everyone, I've had this problem for awhile. I can't seem to relax my sphincter after I poop, meaning that there's always a small piece of feces left in my rectum, which slowly comes out over the course of a day (makes "skidmarks" on my underwear, makes me smell like feces, etc.) This is very emberassing... Does anyone know any exercises to help relax the sphincter, or any "manual" ways to take it out besides shoving anything in there? Like pushing near it, but on the outside, etc. Ultimately I'd rather just do exercises to relax my sphincter so it just drops out... maybe 1/30 times I use the bathroom I am able to let that last piece just plop out and have a clean wipe, but the other 29/30 times I can't.

I don't know what your diet consists of , but you might need to change it. That way your spinctewr wont have to work so hard. For example add more fiber, greens and more liquids too. Good luck
my tip to you is to lean forward when you go, I find that it helps. Just my two cents.

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