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Thats true if you're a good candidate for the laporoscopic colectomy. Your surgeon will have the final say as it depends on how much of the colon has to be resected ,the stage of your disease on the Hinchey scale, the severity of your attacks and the risk of anastomotic breakdown (leakage at the junctures when the colon is rejoined). If he feels there is a higher than average possibility of the need to convert to the open resection he may elect to proceed this way or if he's not comfortable with the limited space available for viewing and manipulation if its a more complicated operation. Also the experience and skills of the surgeon with the laporoscopic technique. Thats why we shopped about 3 highly regarded surgeons until we were convinced we had the most highly qualified and experienced available should the need for elective surgery become apparent. The one we chose has performed over 2 thousand procedures and heads the colo-rectal surgery service of one of NY's leading teaching institutions.

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