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I am a woman in my mid 40's and I just had the PPH surgery (stapled Proctopexy) a little over a week ago (Tuesday, Feb. 5). I was told I had stage 4 hemorrhoids, most were internal but I did have a couple of small external ones as well. After all the bad experiences I've read on the internet of complications with this surgery I've concluded that I have one amazing doctor because I have had none of the complications or pain that I've read from others. Sometimes though I wonder if people are just more apt to post if they had a negative experience.

On Tuesday (Feb 5) I went into surgery at 1:20 pm and woke up in recovery at 3:30 pm. When I first woke up in recovery my bottom was aching and I told the nurse and she immediately gave me 2 percocets. After the allotted time in recovery my husband drove me home and I went straight to bed at 6:30 pm. I woke up at 8:30 pm and had NO PAIN. I just figured maybe that the percocets had not yet worn off. I felt good enough to get up and play a round of darts with my husband and then I layed on the sofa until bedtime and watched TV. I remember thinking that I would surely experience pain the next day but it never materialized. My doctor had prescribed Loratab for me but I never ended up taking any of it, Lidocaine ointment was also prescribed and I did use that just to pre-empt any possible discomfort. The only time I felt any discomfort at all was during the first few times I had a bowel movement but that didn't even come close to the pain I was use to having with the hemorrhoids during a BM before the surgery.

I have been absolutely amazed at the lack of pain after the procedure. I actually had two different surgeries done at once (PPH surgery and Endometrial Ablation). Different doctors did the surgeries. The day before surgery I visited my gynecologist (whom did the ablation) and I asked her what kind of pain to expect from the ablation and her nurse told me that due to the PPH surgery that I was having that I wouldn't likely feel any pain from the ablation as she said the PPH would tend to cause more pain, she was WRONG. The surgeon that did my PPH told me prior to the surgery that the majority of his patients quit taking the pain meds after 3-4 days. The only pain I ever experienced after leaving the hospital was a moderate abdominal cramp the day after the surgery that felt like a typical menstrual cramp (I had read that most women experience some menstrual type cramps after ablation so I attributed it to that) I took a midol for it and that was all the pain meds I ever took.

There were a couple of things I did that the doctor DID NOT tell me to do. The first thing was that I was determined to have everything out of my intestines before the surgery because I did not want to deal with a BM the day after surgery so I quit eating a day and a half before surgery and took some laxatives early the day before the surgery to make sure I was cleaned completely out. I also did an enema before leaving home the morning of the surgery. I drank only Gatorade, clear juices and broth after I took the laxatives.

The second thing I did was to continue the clear juice, Gatorade and broth for an entire day afterward so I could give my rectum a little time before I had to start dealing with BM's again. If you opt to do this just make sure to drink alot so you won't become dehydrated. When I finally started eating again on Thursday evening I ate soft foods (oatmeal and then later vegetable soup). I took a stool softener and over the counter Miralax (one of my doctors touts this stuff highly) and drank plenty of liquids so when I did have a BM the next day it was soft and was only mildly uncomfortable (the fear was worse than the discomfort). One odd tip that my doctor gave me that reallly seemed to help was to get a small stool and put your feet up on it when having a BM (I actually used a stew pot turned upside down).

Before surgery I had bought some Miralax, stool softeners, thin maxi-pads, medicated tucks and a large bag of epsom salt to soak in after the surgery. I put two cups of the epsom salts in VERY warm water and soaked for about 20 minutes twice a day for the first week and cleaned myself with the medicated tucks several times per day always followed by an application of either the Lidocaine or Neosporin. Anyway, it is now a week later and I am SO amazed !! I would definitely recommend this surgery.

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