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I'm terrified I have an anal prolapse. My problem started from constipation. About 7 mo ago I started eating more fiber & drinking more water trying to have a BM but it only made me worse. I have a burning, pinching, tearing pain when having a BM. I now have what feels like a bulge on one side of the anus. It is not as sore as I've had hemorrhoid to be, nor can it be pushed back in anus. What I think is a fissure in on the side that goes up the cheeks. I've gone to 2 GI & neither have examined me but one has scheduled a colonoscopy. I have gotten worse & they can't see me until June, but called in script for creams containing lidocaine etc which caused me to have a seizure. I've used all types of natural creams & witch hazel but no better. I start to get better between BM's, which is not everyday even with laxatives, & then when I have a BM it starts the pain again. I have an app't with family dr because I can't bear the thought of them sticking a tube up my rear for a colonoscopy. At least I want to know what it is. Anyone had an anal prolapse. I never dreamed that anything I put on my bottom could cause such allergic reactions. Please help.

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