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I hear what your saying because I too have the same symptoms on and off. I take a gentle laxative, not one that has a stimulant in it, because I have a terrible reaction to the stimulant. it like burns my insides and doesn't go away for a couple of hours. it's horrible.
there might be an impaction. which has to be manually removed if I'm using the correct term. I remember when my son was around four years old and this only happened once, thank goodness.
I don't recall how I knew something was wrong. but when I looked down at his bottom, stuck inside was a very hard impacted stool. he tried to get it out by pushing but had no success. he started screaming and I didn't know what to do, so I called the emergency room at our local hospital to ask what should I do? take him there?
she said I can do it myself to help him and said it sounded like impaction. I had to manually go into the rectum and pull out the rock hard stool. It was the size of a door knob. I'm not kidding you.
I felt soooo bad that my poor baby had such a difficult time. but at least I was able to help him.
I even read now, years later that this method is still used when needed.
I never heard of impaction before until I experienced it with my son.

you might have a piece of hard rock stool stuck in there and it's difficult for the other feces behind the blockage to get out.

you don't want to get hemroids pushing so hard to get it out either.
you should call your gastroenterolgist to find out what is best to do.
they deal with this stuff all the time.

ever since i had abdominal surgery many years ago to have a tubal ligation that turned into a fiasco where I nearly died from hemorphaging from inside the cavity of my stomach, they had to reopen my stiches from the night before and lieterally go in and lift up the intestines and put it back in place.
I remember having such a difficult time just swallowing liquid and eating because it caused so much pain for it to pass thru my intestines.

ever since that time, I now have gastro problems. I swear it was related to that horrible experience.

I just called my gastro dr. yesterday to say the treatment he told me to use for my hard stools and chronic constipation does not work anymore.
the regimen is metamucil, senekott laxative pills and miralax.
he told me because he doesn't accept my insurance, that if this doesn't work, call his office and speak to one of the girls and he'll help me.
well the girl never called me back to let me know if he wanted me to come in and I then realized he was only going to call me at the end of his day to talk to me over the phone and tell me what else I can do.
this has been going on for so long now and you think he'd want to see me so he can do other tests to make sure nothing else is going on inside.
so my faith in this dr, who I've known and been seeing for 20 yrs. is really bumming me out.
nothing is working. I feel like there's always something stuck inside and I can't get it out. it even clogs up the system of my toilet. it's disgusting and I am embarrassed this happens.

I hope this doesn't effect others by me speaking so openly about this tender subject.
but we're all humans and we all have the same problems sometimes but never can talk about it because it's so personal. I don't get squeamish speaking about the human body and I never know if I"m going to make someone else uncomfortable when I talk about it so openly.

if you get an answer, please come and post it, because I'd personally like to know for my own problem.

I wish you success in this problem.

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