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Internal bleeding
May 12, 2008
i'm not sure if this is thr right daughter is 17 has a 4 month old baby and has had ibs for years any way she takes mirlax daily for this any way about 1 week ago she started bleeding rectally after a bowel movement it fills the toiltet we have had her to the dr and er they said she doesn't have any hemmoroids at all she is also haveing major stomache pain but they don't think its ulcers
she is going in the morning for a endoscope i think thats what its called they go in through her mouth with camrea and see so we are pretty nervous the things the dr. said that they are looking for and none of it is good my daugher has ocd so they don't want to jump the gun and scare her but i'm pretty scared for her i know they are thinking tunors and or cancer her white cell count came back good though so i thought that put her in the clear for that?
any thoughts would be apprcietted

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