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Help very scared.
Jun 10, 2008

Once again I am on here for advice. Yesterday I had to potty pretty badly. So I finally got into the bathroom and pottied pretty quickly. Didn't strain had no cramps or anything I just really had to go. It went just like any other bowel movement would normally go except when I went to wipe I noticed blood in the toilet. There was a fair amount of blood in the toilet not alot but not too much. That kind of scared me so I put a panty liner on just incase it wasn't done bleeding. It wasn't and it bled for a TINY bit more nothing major. So the next morning I had another bowel movement and there was more blood in the toilet. More than yesterday I mean. I did have to strain a lot on that one in the morning. I am due to start my period in two days so I was wondering if it might be due to that factor or not. The bleeding after bowel movements happens not very offen. Its pretty much rare but I didn't have any cramping and now my anus is kinda sore. If anybody can help please do. I wouldn't even know which doctor to go to or what to tell them. Thanks sooooooo very much.

<3 Krissy

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