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I have what I think is an external hemorrhoid. I'm just trying to figure out if it is thrombosed or not. What does a regular external hemorrhoid look like? Mine is on the outer edge and it is a small round bluish lump, about the size of a small pea. It is a little uncomfortable and itches slightly but right now it's not really bothering me too much. I already take a pain medication for nerve pain so I'm wondering if it would be painful if I wasn't on this med so I guess I don't really know. I called the doctor and was told to use a suppository, cream, and tuck pads. Will these help though if it's thrombosed and if it is thrombosed will it get better over time? I'm really not sure how long I've had it. There have been times I thought I felt something when I was cleaning but never paid attention because it didn't hurt but only in the last couple days it's been a little itchy and mildly uncomfortable. Thanks

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