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Hi Ladies,

I have been so busy lately trying to get things set for my mom's memorial, that I haven't had a chance to write.
I had a lot to read through and I can't say enough how helpful it is. I'm so glad to hear the progress of you guys that have all ready been through it.

Spremom, I think Kim has the perfect solution to the prep for your colonoscopy, I wish I would have thought of that, parking my bottom on the toilet and letting come what may. I was going to use my mom's disposable underware but thought when I messed myself it would be to hard to pull them down without getting it all over, so I went with extra long and wide overnite kotex (generic brand) and when I felt the urge I would run to the bathroom holding my bottom and I was able to carfully take the waist band down without getting it all over and carfully take the pad off and throw it away.....the worst part for me lasted for about 2 hours and then it seemed to go and I slept.
I decide that I am going to go through with the surgery and called my docter Mon. he wasn't in but talked to his nurse who is so much easier to talk to any way and so very helpful. She said that he only does same day surgery, unless there is a problem. I really do like my doctor so I don't feel comfortable looking for another one and she really encouraged me with the success of his past patients so I am going to think positive and gather everybodys prayers and go for it.

Kim I'm so glad your Dr. appointment went well and wasn't too painful. and that your husband is so understanding. I know it isn't easy when you haven't had sex for awhile the mind can conjure up the worst thoughts of he doesn't want me because.......blah blah blah..but it really sounds like you have a really super sweet heart who is only thinking of you instead of himself.
Thanks for all your input.

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