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Y'know, finding this board was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had finally been to a colorectal surgeon, who informed me that my hems were extensive enough that I needed surgery. He told me that it was the most difficult of all recoveries, and some people regretted having the surgery. He told me to go back to work and google hemorrhoidectomy. And he told me to let him know what I decided.

So I went back to work and I googled it. I was ashamed, I was in pain, I was scared, and I needed information. Not advertisements, not descriptions of the surgery, but REAL information from REAL PEOPLE.

I couldn't believe it when I happened upon this site!! I will admit that I spent many, many hours reading the different threads ... when I really should've been working! (Can you imagine how much work we would all get done if not for the internet?!)

I found answers to all of my questions. I was able to read awful accounts of surgery/recovery gone bad. I was able to read fantastic accounts of easy recoveries. As I mentioned, one of the positive stories (Big Budha) was the decider for me to get the surgery!

I have NO regrets. Not one. Well, one. I regret not having the surgery many years earlier.

You're 29? You deserve to give the surgery serious thought. I suggest that you talk to your general doctor and ask for a good colorectal surgeon. Take that first big step, AZander, and make an appointment. Get an examination and talk to him. That way, you will have an expert opinion and you can decide if you want to take step 2.

I'm going to keep checking on you. I wish you the best. Getting rid of that damned thing is the best. :)

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