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Hello everyone,

I am looking for people to share their stories on how they are doing after having a hemorrhoidectomy. I have been researching online now for two months trying to find stories on a long term scale how their recovery went. Meaning, if you have had a hemorrhoidectomy one year ago, 2 years ago, 5+ years ago... How are you today? Have you been living health since? Have you had more hemorrhoid problems since the surgery? My main goal is to get a discussion going here so that people who are looking into this surgery, can get an idea of how others are doing. If you have just had a hemorrhoidectomy, please also share your story here if you like. I really hope this thread is put to good use and maybe all of us can get more of an understanding of risks and complications and also how people benefit living a healthy life by what they eat, exercise, and other methods of prevention.

Things to add in your post so that others know exactly what you went through:

1. What kind of hemorrhoid was operated on? (internal, external, both?)

2. What kind of surgery was preformed? (traditional, harmonic, laser and so on..)

Like I said, I really hope people read this and take the time to share their story with others. I know it might be uncomfortable sitting at a computer desk, so please by all means take your time.

Thank you
Hi! I had a traditional hemorrhoidectomy (external and internal) on December 3, 2007. I also had a couple of skin tags removed. I was back to work by the third week in December, and I am almost 100% normal now. (I say almost because if I fail to take my daily fiber pill - (psyllium), I have troubles!)

It was nowhere near as bad as many of the stories I had read, but I give the credit to a guy named TacomaGuy who wrote the best hemmorrhoidectomy recovery guide (look for that and print it! Study it! You'll be glad you did!). I also attribute my lack of constipation troubles to the narcotics warnings -- they are depressants, and they constipate! I used few of them - opting instead for over the counter pain killers, heating pad/hot water bottle and ice pack therapy.

My recovery was relatively pain managed, and took a good two weeks until I was able to leave home without sweating 'what if I have to poop without my squeezebottle of warm water???'

I have to be diligent about fiber, and have not had many problems.

Too funny!! I have been reading up on these forums and a few other forums LIKE CRAZY for the last month! Right now I am reading "Hemorrhoidectomy recovery" which you had posted on and am actually on a post you wrote. Yes from what I have read so far you had a good recovery, but others had the more slower, normal recovery from what I gather. Glad to hear that after 7 months you are feeling so good! I just hope I feel 100% better like you after my surgery I am not sure if my case is worse than yours, but I will explain my story right now.

All of my life I have not been an active person. I have never been one to eat veggies, eat healthy, and I constantly sat in front of a computer or just plainly sat on my butt. I normally always weighed 220 pound as a male. Now keep in mind I was never a pig, but ate bad foods like fast food, manufactured and processed foods, pizza, you name it. Rarely did I ever eat a wholesome home cooked meal. I also only ate one meal a day. I never knew that my weight was due to my body fasting! Believe it or not I just recently learned that when a person eats one meal, two meals a day, his body is storing the fat and in fasting mode! Once I realized this from others, (after finding out I have hems) I started eating 3-4 small meals a day. I lost almost 10 pounds in two weeks. So overall being a little over weight, eating horrible foods, and sitting so much in my life (I am 29) is what I believe caused two, maybe even three external hemorrhoids to form.

On May 9th was the night I found 1 small bump near my anus. I remember taking a shower and washing back their and feeling a little bit of pain. Upon further investigation I found it to be a lump, pea sized. I thought to my self (ohh brother what now?) Well shortly after that hemorrhoid became thrombosed and swelled up like the size of my thumb (the nail including first joint.) This sucker got really huge. I was in a lot of pain for two whole weeks. During that time a second one formed. Before the two week mark I made an appointment with a family doctor. She indicated that yes it was a hemorrhoid and it was thrombosed. She then gave me a referral to see a doctor to get the blood clot removed. Well that night as I got home I did some research and realized that they only work on thrombosed hemorrhoids after they have formed up to three days ago! I had already had it for over a week so I knew I had to wait it out. Two days later the blood clot passed and I felt so much relief! Around the time the clot passed I also bought a product called Hem-Relief. I used that and my smaller hemorrhoid that was located on the opposite side of my anus disappeared. I was glad because that little monster really hurt too! I was under the impression that like any other part of the body, this would heal and I would be back to my normal self for the most part. I kept up on taking my Hem-Relief, but as time went by it never healed... As of now I am left with swelling on both sides of my anus when I squat down, or use the toilet. On the right side of my anus, any time I squat down or use the bathroom, it balloons out, like half the size of my thumb!! I am not kidding, it is huge! But when I stand up it retracts back in, but there is still a small bulge with no skin flap or anything. I remember my bottom went through so much trauma during thrombosis that my butt cheeks literally felt like they where swollen on the outside of my butt. Any time I sat down to put on my shoes it felt like I was sitting on swollen tissue. That ended up going away but the once thrombosed hemorrhoid is causing me problems. There is no bleeding, but if I walk for too long each day, it aggravates the hemorrhoid and I end up being in horrible pain for a few days. The only way I can get better is if I lay down and take it easy and refrain from walking. The pain of my hemorrhoid when aggrievated... is nothing like a hemorrhoidectomy, but it interferes with my every day life. I can no longer go for walks without it hurting and having it balloon on me like it does is such a horrible feeling! It doesn't hurt when I go to the bathroom, I keep my stools soft eating veggies and Metamucile along with lots of water, but it pushes up against my bowel movements and that can sometimes as well aggravate it if I somehow end up having a more hard type stool.

So here I am trying to figure out if I should do the surgery. I am afraid that there might be long term effects, like me not being 100% after a year or more. I read that the traditional hemorrhoidectomy hurts the most, but is the way to go as far as having any chance of hemorrhoid recurring. I just hope that when and if I have my surgery, I have people to talk to like you did BG. This surgery sounds like the worst surgery one can have with that area being sensitive in the first place, and then with all the nerves being down their and also that area being a more slow area as far as healing, if that makes seance.

Glad you posted your story BG. Like I said I have been reading up on these forums and have been cheering everyone on, including you in your recovery.

Hope all is well and hope you don't have to carry that squirt bottle anymore!! Hey, what is that used for anyways? lol.

Take care,

Y'know, finding this board was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had finally been to a colorectal surgeon, who informed me that my hems were extensive enough that I needed surgery. He told me that it was the most difficult of all recoveries, and some people regretted having the surgery. He told me to go back to work and google hemorrhoidectomy. And he told me to let him know what I decided.

So I went back to work and I googled it. I was ashamed, I was in pain, I was scared, and I needed information. Not advertisements, not descriptions of the surgery, but REAL information from REAL PEOPLE.

I couldn't believe it when I happened upon this site!! I will admit that I spent many, many hours reading the different threads ... when I really should've been working! (Can you imagine how much work we would all get done if not for the internet?!)

I found answers to all of my questions. I was able to read awful accounts of surgery/recovery gone bad. I was able to read fantastic accounts of easy recoveries. As I mentioned, one of the positive stories (Big Budha) was the decider for me to get the surgery!

I have NO regrets. Not one. Well, one. I regret not having the surgery many years earlier.

You're 29? You deserve to give the surgery serious thought. I suggest that you talk to your general doctor and ask for a good colorectal surgeon. Take that first big step, AZander, and make an appointment. Get an examination and talk to him. That way, you will have an expert opinion and you can decide if you want to take step 2.

I'm going to keep checking on you. I wish you the best. Getting rid of that damned thing is the best. :)

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