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Hi Alexander,

I called my doctor today to find out if it's okay to use some kind of "ointment" on this tissue that is popping out of my rear and he said neosporin would be okay, but, only on the surrounding area. I can't believe how dried out things are, it feels as though the skin will tear and split! Not to mention itching...

Sitting for a work for several hours yesterday didn't help any, now I feel sore, but the flip side is that I ever so sick of laying around in bed! Oh well, I guess I should look at the bright side, at least I didn't have a leg amputated or something like that...

Hope all is going well with your packing. Have a good day! Thanks again for your reply. Dove
Yea you just reminded me that others have said they called there doctors and have been told to use Neosporin. Did your doctor say how much you could use it, or if you can use it daily? I remember someone talking about that and said to use it maybe once a day or something to that degree.

So are your stitches comming out? If so I would be careful still when getting out of bed and all of that because you are still healing and dont want to cause any rips in the skin that can lead to fissures. Just be easy on yourself and baby that area for the 3 months and you should be fine.

Yea I got most of my packing done last night and today got my power, phone and internet scheduled to be shut off. My girl came over today and bought me some icecream. She is such a doll. She had her puppy over named Peppe and we went for a drive and a small walk and just hung out a bit and talked. She is takeing me to the airport tomorrow. It is a small airport so I am glad of that because checking my bags, getting my tickets and all of that should be really easy. I am going to be pretty pooped tomorrow night once I get back into Washington i'll tell you that lol. For the last 8 days I have been takeing it easy because too much walking causes the hems to get aggrivated.

Well I suppose I will get around to cooking dinner now. Chicken, steamed rice and green beans is what's on the menu. Mmmmm I am soo hungry!
The doctor didn't give any detailed instructions on the Neosporin use other than just apply it to the surrounding area. I plan to only use it as needed.

My stitches are coming out and the wounds are pretty much healed, it's the swelling that really sucks because the swollen tissue looks just like deformed external hemorrhoids and this tissue is sore and tender. I'll be so glad when things become normal down fact I plan to celebrate the day I actually can consider myself "hemorrhoid free". I've suffered with these beast now for over 15 years! Mine were caused mainly from childbirth, combined with a life time of heavy lifting. I work with rocks and fossil...some of which are quite heavy (one of my dinosaur femurs weighs 495 pounds). I'll have to make some lifestyle changes in the future as far as lifting and moving heavy objects goes (I travel all over the world to Gem and Mineral shows to display and sale these items).

Sounds like your having a nice evening with your girl, how sweet of her to bring you ice cream! It's too bad that walking aggravates your hems as it's such a good way to stay fit without causing much stress to your joints, plus it's a pleasurable activity. I usually walk every evening for about an hour. I live in a beautiful remote area of the desert, so the scenery is fantastic!

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids while you prepared to buy water after you go through security, it's not like the old days where you could carry your own water.

Dinner sounds good! I'm tired of fruits, veggies, gallon of water and fiber...I could really go for a big, fat, greasy pizza and a pitcher of beer! lol

Any...have a safe trip! Dove
Hi Alexander,

I tried the Neosporin, felt good at first but then began to burn. Washed everything off and applied A&D ointment... finally some relief! Having your rear, in and out of water all day with the spitz baths does cause your skin to dry out. The A&D ointment seems to be keeping the dryness and itching under control, so, I guess I found a new friend!

I'm actually an Archaeologist who made the shift into Paleontology when I became a co-owner of a company that sells dinosaur bones to museums and private collectors. Yes, a femur is a leg bone, the top part. The one I have is from a Diplodocus, they roamed the earth around about 150 million years ago. The femur is almost 6 feet long! These guys were BIG! I love my work... I get to see some of the most fantastic specimens in the world.

I think I'll pass on the pizza for several months...I don't want to do anything that even come closes to causing a constipation problem as so far I have had no problems with any bowel movements since surgery and from what I've read, that part can be pure hell! The beer will have to wait till I'm no longer on pain meds...:(

Any, have a good evening and a safe flight! Dove

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