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Well, here's an update on my's day 18 and I'm feeling great! I switched from the A&D ointment to a 13% zinc oxide diaper rash cream after reading an article on zinc oxide and it's ability to heal diabetics open ulcer wounds. I've been using it for several days now and I notice the swollen external tissue is starting to shrink...yee ha! I've found that it is critical to keep clean, ie. frequent stiz baths, and keep reapplying what ever cream you are using (the zinc oxide has worked best for me). Also, it is critical to keep your stools soft, I have not used any stool softeners or fiber up to this point, rather, I have changed my diet and only eaten fruits and vegetables, with a little bran cereal or cooked barley mush in the morning or night. Believe it or not, avocados have a high amount of fiber (9 to 11 grams), so I have been eating one a day up to this point. I have had no problems with stools or pain eliminating except the first bowel movement after surgery had to be helped along with 2 doses of Milk of Magnesia. The best part, is I've lost about 10 pounds and I feel great. It is very important to drink LOTS of water, keep a glass full handy at all times and keep sipping. I was pretty much able to stay off my feet and in bed for the first 10 days and I think this really helped, however, at times I thought I would go stir crazy! I'm very glad I had this surgery done as I put it off for over 14 years till it became ridicules and unbearable. Good luck to everyone anticipating this surgery or just recovering from it. My experience has been mild compared to what some people on this post have experienced, but I was fortunate enough to find this post and read everyones experiences prior to surgery (and I was scared to death) and make up my mind that I would avoid some of the things that have caused many people problems, mainly the whole bowel movement part of it. I made sure I was totally "cleaned out" prior to surgery by eating lightly several days prior to surgery and using sodium phosphate the night before followed by a fleets enema before leaving for the hospital. Be aware that the pain medication will cause constipation, use it sparingly. I took 5mg of methodone every 12 hours for the first 7 days and 2.5mg at bedtime for the next 5 days. Anyway, I guessed I have rambled enough, good luck everyone and God Bless! Dove

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