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Hi, Ya'll. Having been an active participant in a Diabetes on-line support group for a while, I have learned that one of the best resources for understanding and living with a chronic disease is the other people who are fighting the same battle. This board and this thread in particular seem to be a good place to start.

I have had IBS for about 35 years. The past several years I have had episodes of pain low on my left side and I thought it was an ovary. Well, it wasn't! I had a bad bacterial intestinal infection about a year ago. The Dr didn't tell me at the time that it was diverticulitis, so when I would have that same pain in my left side sporadiclly I didn't make the connection. Had another bad infection the beginning of June, which is when the Dr told me just what this was and told me to eat lots of fiber and avoid nuts, seeds, and kernals. It had come back twice since then (three times in a little over two months). I am seeing my PC tomorrow to discuss a referral to a gastroenterologist.

These are my questions: Is it typical to have so many episodes in such a short time? I took a full course of antibiotics each time. I discovered that Cipro wreaks havoc with my blood sugar, which is a concern as an insulin dependant diabetic. I am afraid that so many infections so close together might mean that I have something serious going on in there and may lead to surgery.

Does it always take ya'll a loooong time to recover from a bout of diverticulitis? It seems it takes a week to ten days to clear up the infection, but I am very weak and very easily fatigued for another couple weeks after that. I don't bounce back like I do from other ailments.

People seem to take delight in sharing horror stories about their friends and family who have dealt with this. I've heard stories about colostomies and about gangrene. Just what I want to hear! LOL How common is it to need a colostomy, even temporary after a resection? And how would you KNOW if you had gangrene? These 'friends' have scared the spit out of me!!

I don't want to get too long winded on my first post but I would appreciate any input I can get. Thanks in advance.

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