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This happens to a lot of people men and women of all ages for various reasons. (but especially to the older women that have given birth) The anus sphincter muscle gets weak and it is tough to keep it clean. I can only suggest adding water to your attempts to be clean. get a plastic water bottle with a pointed end...oh like a ketchup/mustard type of containers with the pointy tips ...put warm water in it and after you have wiped away most of it then squirt the water over the area then wipe again with baby wipes. You also might try to keep your BM's firmer...try to figure out why you BM's are not so firm. This is a very frustrating issue so just try different things but yes you do have to use a baby wipe the next time you use the toilet. but not if you firm up the stool. It must happen a lot across the world as there is a special toilet just for such things called a Bidet. Good luck.

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