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[QUOTE=JewelryJulie;3948103]I am on meds that constipate me, and also have IBS with contipation. How long can someone go without "going" before it is dangerous? I swear I can go weeks sometimes. (I am in pain and miserable, but am so impacted I can't go to save my life-no matter what I do or take!)

The only thing that helps is a colon cleanse at the local wellness place and that isn't cheap. I need to go about 3 times every time I get impacted and then about once every other week. (It costs $60 plus tip each time.) I am essentially unable to keep a roof over my head, so this has been out of the question (my insurance won't pay for this.)

Anyone have any thoughts? I have tried to do at home colon cleansing, and it isn't the same. I have tried nearly every medication to go to the bathroom that exists.[/QUOTE]

I have posted this before in other areas.
This is what I do and it works for me..
Please consult your doctor..

Here is what I do every day...not once and awhile..Every frickin day...

Breakfast, I have a bowl of high fiber cereal (usually mini wheats or fibre one)
One morning tea and a morning coffee.

For lunch a turkey sandwich with either a Apple or a bannana
One glass of metamucil drink either right before lunch or right after

For Dinner I have a normal serving of Meat, Pasta, and a larger serving of a vegetable.
usually Brocolli or Caulliflower.. summer time we have Zucchinni mostly.
I do not have RED meat...always turkey, chicken or pork..
Sometimes I will have a little red meat once a week.. but generally I will pay the price..
Second glass of metamucil drink either right before dinner or right after

I have normal snacks such as pretzels and fruitbars, ice cream at night

before bed my third glass of metamucil drink..
and if I know I ate something not so good that day (red meat) I may take a stool softner pill. You may need to take two a day at first..

breakdown for me:
fiber cereal in the morning
3 glasses of metamucil during the day..
No red meat
No Nuts

Exercise at least 20 minutes a day..
and the more water and less alcohol the better

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