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May 2, 2009
hi,will try to keep this as short as poss!! im 32yr female, for the last few yrs i usualy had loose bowel movements 2/3 everyday then every so often be constipated. which never really bothered me. then around chrismas time i started gettin tummy problems,pain and have been severly constipated ever since and sometimes there is been blood in the stool..quite a bit.ive not had a normal/loose stool now since last year!
i finally had colonoscopy and endoscopy done yesterday...waiting times here are stupid!! biopsys were taken but have to wait for results but was told everything looked fine all they found was a hiatus hernia. which they said wouldnt cause any of my problems. during the time ive been ill ive lost a stone in weight and have had terrible nausea and pains all where my glands are,neck,armpit,groin. that has cleared now but still constipated and in pain and unable to get my weight back on. im only little so i need to put it back on!!! what would cause such a sudden change in bowel habbits? could a hernia ? any help would be great thank you xx

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