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[QUOTE=Reigns;4063258]I'm up right now, at 4 AM, because it's just that bad.

This started tuesday. I just haven't been able to poop since then.

Come friday, it was getting uncomfortable and it was all I could think about. My lower abdomen feels solid and heavy and pressurized. It's very uncomfortable.

I've tried:

Magnesium Citrate. It just made water come out for several hours. No solid waste came out.

I've tried stool softeners, they don't seem to do anything but make the pressure on my abdomen worse and make lots of noise.

I've tried milk of magnesia, which did essentially the same as the magnesium citrate but for a shorter period of time.

I have tried SEVERAL glycerine suppositories. After insertion I can feel them meeting with the "plug" and then they want to go in sideways. Because of that, they will slide out if I relax at all. Regardless, I held it in for about 45 minutes and nothing.

I went to the hospital. The physician did a rectal exam, probably the worse experience of my life, by the way, and said he didn't feel any hard stool or blockage.

He prescribed more laxatives and stool softeners, and he said if that doesn't work I'll need an enema.

This is also causing another problem, I have no appetite. I mean none whatsoever. I am extremely hungry, but have no appetite. I'm not sure if that makes sense. But I have probably only eaten 2000 calories since the start of this problem. I feel weak. I've also been making a strong effort to put on weight and this is ruining it.

I'm also a college student, and I simply can't concentrate at all with this problem.

This is seriously having a huge negative impact on my life.

I am a 20 year old male.

Thank you.[/QUOTE]

If you are eating right and you dont have a completely sedentary lifestyle, it might be psychological. I sometimes can't go for a while unless I'm in the right state of mind. i.e. I like to play that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 mission where you are the sniper sneaking through enemy territory. The feeling of covertness gets my bowels a-churnin for some reason. Also, I noticed that adderall really helps purge my system, kind of a secondary benefit.

I know these are weird solutions to try but if I couldnt poo for as long as you id try anything to avoid the enema.

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