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what does diverticulitis feel like??thanks[/QUOTE]

For every attack of Diverticulitis, it seems to follow the same progression for me. The first time I had a bad bout of Diverticulitis, I did what some guys do, I vowed not to go to the doctor unless I felt like dying. ;) Here is a day by day description of my first bad bout with Diverticulitis:

Day 1 - Fluttering sensation in lower left quadrant of my abdomen, followed by increased pressure something like gas pressure. Later in the evening, a feeling like I need to have a BM, but nothing will come out. Trouble getting comfortable in bed.

Day 2 - More pressure in Lower Left Quadrant with pain. The best way I can describe it is much like when you have a cramp in your hamstring one night and it is sore the next morning. Day 2 typically involves cramping that increase in intensity. Loss of appetite. No Bowel Movement. Now when I roll over in bed, it feels like I have a softball inside my lower left quadrant of my abdomen.

Day 3 - Now it feels much like a horse is stomping out my guts... Think of your lower left quadrant getting trampled by a herd of cattle with pain radiating across the transverse colon towards the right side. Even the thought of food made me nauseous now. Still No Bowel Movement.

Day 4 - Fever, Chills, Intense Pain, No BM . I couldn't walk without severe pain... Waiving the White Flag of Surrender :wave:(Calling Doctor)

Day 5 - Feeling every single crack in the road as my Girlfriend drives me to see the doctor (had I listened to her, I would have called him on the morning of day 2, but my pride got in the way). I am in so much pain now that I don't care that the doctor makes me wear a dress. While walking to the CT Scan, my girlfriend informs me that my backside is showing through the opening in my gown, but I hurt too much to care.

Day 6 - Taking Aerobic and Anaerobic antibiotics to treat diverticulitis, praying for a miracle while trying to take a BM.

Day 7 - Hallelujah... I finally start having somewhat of a BM, much like deer pellets, but at least its something.

Day 8 - Starting to think this is better than Jenny Craig, but what a way to lose to weight... Next time, I'll just skip that doughnut.

Day 9 - Had a huge BM and now feel as if I am on the road to recovery.

Finished antibiotics, but I have not felt the same since that attack back in June.

I followed up with my GI specialist because I still felt toxic and I was passing blood occasionally in my stools. I was also having a lot of gas, diarrhea, constipation, mucous-like stool and things were just not right. This was accompanied with shortness of breath and fatigue at times. My GI specialist did not seem to concerned, but scheduled some lab work. When the lab work came back normal, his nurse called to tell me that the Dr. had canceled my colonoscopy and said to call him if I had any further issues... My response was "Sure, I am just passing blood, can't walk far without catching my breath and I generally I feel like I am 70 years old, not 33... No need to be concerned, right?"

I changed doctors immediately after that phone call.

I saw my new doctor on a Friday and he scheduled me for a Colonoscopy the following Tuesday. As luck would have it, by Monday I was having another major attack of Diverticulitis and my new Doctor instructed me to go directly to the ER at the hospital where he works.

I went to the ER and they performed a CT with Contrast. The contrast solution was showing in my abdominal cavity along with some air bubbles, so they admitted me and kept me on IV Antibiotics (Zosyn) for 5 days. My GI specialist introduced a Colorectal surgeon to the equation and they kept a close eye on my progress determining whether emergency surgery was necessary.

The plan right now is the have Colon Resection after 6 weeks of allowing the tissues to heal. I have had a total of 4 bouts of Diverticulitis in the past year.

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