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I had mucus but it wasn't until I had developed a rectocele and rectal prolapse. You can excrete mucus with a rectal prolapse which you can find pics of on google image. Bare in mind the images are WORST case senario. A prolapse means your ogran has slipped and is in essense making its way out of your body via the closest opening. Rectocele and cystocele are hernia of organs that do basically the same thing. Anyway, prolapses have 3 grades and by grade 3 are visible when baring down (as in when trying to poo during constipation). To check for the moments sake and see if you have one, just take a mirror, sit on the toilet, hold the mirror under your bum and push as if you are going to poo. If it's a grade 3 prolapse, you may see something red pushing out of your bum. If you look up pics of hemorroids, it will likely look something like a small hemorroid poking out. I would also guess MANY, MANY other things can cause mucus during or without constipation, ie. IBS, bacterial infections, really there could be a zillion reasons. In the end though, all would point to the same thing...have a doctor diagnose you. Your post doesn't say where you live but if you have an insurance customer service 24 hour number or a PCP with a 24 hr on call number or even a local urgent care or emergency room...just give them a call, tell them your symptoms and go from there.

In my situation...years of IBS lead to zillions of trial of different meds. One of the last of the few combos coupled with incredible stress in my life over a few year period, led to a several mouth bout of severe constipation. This constipation, becuase I kept hoping it would "go away" and didn't just go see a doctor long ago, then turned into impactions. Of course reportedly pushing with impactions over time led to several of my internal organs herniating and prolapsing. I am a 36 year old, attractive, driven, thin, intelligent, professional mother of an infant. I am not the photo one would pic out of who would poster child falling organs...My point, ignoring the problems and hoping they will go away due to any reason (embarressment and lack of time in my case)...will only make things worse.

Sorry, I will take my mom hat off now.

Good luck!

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