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I've had this condition for a little over a year with the following symptoms:
After making a BM, I will get an itching in my anus caused by leakage of what looks like a mix between liquid excrement, mucus(I'm assuming there's mucus in there to make it that thin and runny), and sometimes a little blood. This happens especially if I'm doing a lot of moving around (walking) after I make a BM. But if I shower and clean the area after the BM, I will have no problems. Or if I don't do any moving around I will have no problems. The amount of leakage isn't all that much, and it's never made its way to my shorts or caused any kind of odor.

Also, I get the occasional sharp pain deep up inside the rectal area that last for maybe a second or less...not all the way up to my stomach..just, you know, up there a little bit...this seems to happen especially if I get a little constipated or bloated or both. They're quite sharp and take me off guard and shock me out of whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

Also, while cleaning the area the other day in the shower, I noticed what felt like a bump just inside the anus.

I've never had any blood in my stool(that I can tell anyway), and no pain when I make a BM. But sometimes there is a little bit of blood on the toilet paper when I wipe.

So to sum it up:
-anal itchyness after BM
-little leakage of liquid excrement, mucus(?), and a little blood
-Sharp pains that last for a second
-Small bump just inside anus
-Little blood on toilet paper

I have googled the living hell out of all these symptoms and haven't found anything that has all of them at once. Internal hemorrhoids comes close though.

I would be very appreciative if someone would reply to this. Thank you in advance!

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