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How long has it been since you had a bowel movement ? If it has already been a week then you need to see a doctor right away as you could have a fecal impaction or a bowel obstruction. What have you tried to do so far to remedy the constipation ? If you have already tried Citrate of Magnesium, try castor or mineral oil, an oil based enema,glycerine suppository. If none of these have worked then I suggest you get to your doctor or the emergency room. The doctor or nurse may have to put their fingers up your rectum and pull the hard stool out of you. Warning this will hurt but you may not have a choice because you could get a bowel obstruction that could perforate the bowel and kill you. Do not let this go on any longer ! After you get yourself cleaned out don't let yourself go any longer than three days in a row without having a bowel movement. Make it part of your morning routine everyday to make time to spend on the toilet to have a bowel movement for at least 30 minutes. This will establish a set time for bowel movements and then you won't have anymore constipation problems. Try increasing your water intake to 64 oz. per day and fiber to 25 grams a day. Get some exercise each day as this also helps to move the stool along down the colon faster. Metamucil or Citrucel also help to add bulk to your stools and helps to maintain regularity. One of the easiest and safest way to have a bowel movement is simply deep breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises while sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes everyday at the same time. It does work. I know because I have been doing this daily since March 2,2011 and I now have at least two bowel movements each day about 12-16 hours apart. I have had constipation problems since early childhood and for the first time in my almost fifty years I now no longer suffer from constipation,bloating or severe abdominal pain from cramps.

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