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I've dealt w/ what I thought were hemorrhoids off and on for years. These last couple of months it seemed to be worse in that I felt the effects after every bowel movement. My predominant problem was itching. There was a little blood on the toilet paper after wiping as well. I finally decided enough was enough and went to a colorectal doctor. He diagnosed me w/ an anal fissure with a sentinel pile. He prescribed an anti-bacterial cream and some sort of pink salve (something over the counter but kept behind the pharmacy counter) and said if it didn't get better in a couple of months he'd recommend surgery. He also wants me to get a colonoscopy (I'm 43) just to be sure the bleeding wasn't from something else. Currently my butt is raw (I now know how my 3yr. old feels w/ a diaper rash). Any suggestions out there on how to deal with this? I'd rather not have surgery if I can avoid it (I'm still getting over back surgery 6 mos. ago).

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