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OK, I will try to make this long story short and see if anybody else has had the same problem. I am a 33 year old male. About 2 years ago I got sick at a restaraunt, felt like I wanted to pass out and the drive home was miserable. Realized that I had been feeling nausea while driving to job number 2 for several weeks as well. Went through series of tests (blood panel, ultrasound, head based MRI all were normal) and lastly wound up at my gastro drs office. The nausea would keep me down for hours when it peaked. Gastro told me that I had a nerveous stomach and gave me xanex. Amazingly I actually felt normal for the first time in months after realizing that I was worrying so much about the problem that it was making it worse. I still don't feel 'normal' almost 2 years later and have attributed my problems to anxiety. Recently I could not get a normal bowel movement for nothing. Always the runs. Usually only once a day but kept me feeling sickly for the rest of the day and I couldn't sleep either. I tried to figure out what I had done differently and realized that i had been smoking like a fien. I decided to start a step off program to attempt to quit smoking since cold turkey has always failed me before. I switched from full flavor down to mega lites. Magically within 2 days my bad bowel movements dried up. That's the problem, they realllly dried up. The only way to get them to go was my smoking my full flavors for a day which would get them to move by the next. Went to the gastro doc again and he said Irritable Bowel Syndrom and started me on Citrucel. When I smoke the mega lights, I feel better in every regard other than feeling like I have to go. I am battling what i hate worse, loose bowel movements with nausea or feeling like I have to go when in fact I don't. I just can't seem to get a good happy medium and with this new feeling of the urge to go, I am wondering if i have some kind of growth going on in the rectum which could be causing all of my problems. When I saw the gastro I told him that one day I have constipation and the next I have the runs. I see now (after having great bowel movements every morning now) that the constipation isn't really constipation, but a false feeling of constipation. Not sure if its a mental thing, a reaction thing to my new found fiber or a real problem! Getting into my gastro takes months and I am not sure what to do. Wait and see what happens? Call the gastro and tell him the constipation was a false feeling or what?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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