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Hi, I'm writing this for my father, who's not a computer type of guy. :)

He's turning 61, and has constant, burning, bloating pain on right side of abdomen for over one year. Feels that there is some sort of intestinal hernia or kink. Feels better when hes laying down. Worse when sitting or standing. Many CAT scans, xrays, colon scopes, endoscopy, MRI, and other tests. He has seen many doctors and still no answer for his terrible pain. This started out as a mild pain in left side of stomach about 3 years ago, that would go away after awhile. Taking the medications perscribed for back pain only because of the pain in stomach. Percoset 4 x 10.325 and Oxcontin 2 x 40 mg. Was taking more at points. Doctors put him on laxatives and stool softeners. About one bowel movement a day.

Pain has totally taken over his life hes in agony almost the entire day. It used to get better as day went along, but it has become almostconstant.
Keeps him in the house (or bed)most of the day misses most family affairs. And he just would like to get some semblance of a life back. If anyone has gone through a similar situation and has any ideas, I would appreciate any feedback

Background for back: 2003 Fused lower back L5-L6. In 2004 fused whole lower back took out the first fusion. Neither surgery helped, and taking pain medication since

Thanks, Ted

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