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[QUOTE=giraffe1234;4747919]hi, i am a 21 year old female and i have recently been diagnosed with IBS (to which i dont agree with)
every time i eat, no matter the quantity, i have to go the toilet. sometimes i am desperate yet other times i just feel like i really need to go and then nothing happens. i am just about to sit my final exams at university and i am really worried that this will have an effect. i feel like i have to plan when i will eat as to not let my belly rumble throughout the test (it is extremely loud and can last for what seems like a whole minute!) and then once i eat i am constantly thinking about needing the toilet. i find this really embarrassing and it is scaring me to think that if i need to go during the exam i will have to be escorted to the bathroom.
the doctor recently gave me 'colofac' and said i should take them for three weeks (i have been taking them for two and have seen no improvement on my condition)
it is really affecting my revision time also as i dont want to go in the library!!!
any help????[/QUOTE]

I have IBS with constipation alternating with bouts of explosive diarrhea since 1996. I have had to change my eating habits,what kinds of beverages I drink less soda and lots more water, and bowel habits. The only thing I have found to work the best for me was to sit on the toilet for at least 30minutes everyday at the same time to have a bowel movement . I have made this part of my daily morning routine to go sit on the toilet 20 minutes after I finish eating breakfast. I use slow deep breathing exercises alternating with pelvic floor muscle exercises to help relax my whole body and in which in turn aids in having a bowel movement . Since I have been doing this routine starting on March 2,2011 I have decreased my IBS symptoms by 98%. Once in awhile I get gas in which I can't expel. I take Citrucel twice a day with 1 tsp of L-glutamine powder and fresh squeezed lemon juice. I eat yogurt and take probiotics to help reduce the colon spasms that usually cause the explosive diarrhea episodes. I found that I have to make sure I don't eat gassy,high fat foods,spicy and acidic foods because they seem to cause the most problems with my IBS and acid reflux.The less stress you are under the more your intestines will calm down and you will have less symptoms. I use relaxing CD's to listen to and to do slow deep breathing and this does help. I would suggest you keep a food diary for two weeks and how your bowels react to foods. Maybe you will be able to determine what foods cause the most problems with having to go to bathroom right after eating. The Citrucel and Metamucil helps to add bulk to the stool while retaining enough water in it so doesn't become dry and hard. If you take these then you must drink at least 8 oz. of water right afterwards. I hope this will be of some help to you.

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