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[QUOTE=Correctusage;4810481]:wave:Hey there! I'm looking for thoughts, related experiences, and suggestions regarding my current ailment. It's really beginning to annoy me... Here's my story:

2 years ago, I was pretty sick for about a week with (what I thought was) the flu. My symptoms improved after a couple weeks, and I thought I was back to my normal self 2 weeks later. However, I went out to eat with my boyfriend for Valentines Day and while at the restaurant, my stomach was churning. I'd always had a very gurgly stomach, but this was not right. I NEVER had a BM any time other than in the morning after coffee, so this was odd for me. I ended up 'going' once at the restaurant, then upon arriving home I pretty much ran for the bathroom. That was the beginning of my chronic diarrhea.

I have not gone one day where I haven't been afflicted with this since. I try in vain to supplement with natural things that will fix or help the issue, and it works to a degree. Soluble Fiber does bulk things up, but it doesn't stop the feelings of urgency, the occasional pressure on the anus, the odd feelings in that area, the constant loud gurgling, the burning in my intestines, the need for 4 BMs a day, the postprandial outbursts, and on occasion, the liquid diarrhea still manages to outdo all the supplements and makes fiber look like an amature. Immodium doesn't do diddly on those days, either.

A year or so after this all started, the stool took on an orange tint. It became paler brown with orange. NOT oily. NO pain. NO blood. Just an orange cast, fiber or not. Oh, and no vitamin A, no carrots, no sweet potatoes, etc. About 3 months ago, the orange started to become yellowish. Today, the stools are light brown with a yellow hue and when the fiber is working, the stool is narrow. It's as if I can feel inflamation throughout my colon.

I've experienced stomach burning since I was a child. Last night it was excessively 'burny' and then this morning, after all my supplements and meds, after an initial narrow yellowish orangy fiber-firmed BM, and after eating a portion of a bowl of oatmeal, I experienced an urgent pure yellow liquid (with a few fluffs) blast of diarrhea. No burning, no pain. Just rumbles and then me pushing my schnauzer out of the way with my foot so I could run by her. She still doesn't understand what happened.

I have gone on a gluten free diet twice for a month each time. The 1st time it didn't help at all. Second time, it helped for about 4 days and then I had a horrible, day long episode. I know that sorbitol, xylitol, and all the other 'tols' almost intantly cause runs, so I haven't consumed those in a year or more. I only eat foods I cook from scratch so I can avoid preservatives. No fruit, no raw veggies, I rarely eat dairy, I don't eat tomatos. I've cut down on sugar, eat low fat... and yet this persists. I consumed diatomaceous earth for a couple months in case of parasites, with no luck.

Been to 3 docs, a gastro, and all seemed to gleefully chime "IBS! Tee Hee!" immediately when I said 'diarrhea.' Had blood and stool several times, all good. Gastro refused to perform more invasive tests since I have no pain or bleeding. My mom and her father had their gallbladders removed before the age of 30. Mentioned this to all doctors and they think I'm silly and cute and more than likely insane and over stressed. Yet I am very mellow and don't work anymore......

I realize this is long - I wanted to ensure everyone that I have tried every remedy I've come across in forums, etc. If you can think of anything I've missed, or if my symptoms match yours and you have a diagnosis, please tell us about it! I would be greatful as I feel the next time I see the doc, I will be explaining my diagnosis to HIM.[/QUOTE]
Hello.. I have been having the same problems.. and it started a year ago (last August).. yellowish stools, and noone seems to worried.. I live in Canada.. so not sure if testing is different. When this all started, i thought I had an infection in my intestines (at that time I also had burning in my stomach along with the totally changed stools than what i was use to).. Anyway, this started the many many doctor visits.. i have had so much blood work as i keep thinking maybe its my liver, but blood work shows perfect.. Had a colonoscopy and then a endonoscopy.. all good. then a Barium Xray and then the one where you drink this white liquid and they xray you and see how fast it get to your colon. Well, mine took like a 1/2 .. and still noone seems concerned. To this day, I haven't had a brownish stool.. and I do panic alot at that, but what else can I do. Like I said, I am 45 famale,.. so i am thinking its perimenopause stuff... they say its hard on the liver (though my blood work and CT scan all show ok)... and so maybe (in my head) that is why I get the non brown stool.. Sorry to hear what you are going through.. I also been told that its IBS.. but they tell that to everyone I figure :).. How old are you by the way?.. I have a hard time living my life without fear because of this. We have lots of cancer in my family, which make me even more paranoid. Anyway, after reading ur message i had to reply.. as I feel the same way.. I figure its been a year for me, and I am still alive in kicking..ha.. so I guess it cannot be too serious.. yet anyway. See, there I am being a hypocondriac.. I see you just posted ur message last month.. so how are you feeling today?..

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