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I think that my IBS is going ballistic. Here's a brief rundown of my medical history - as far as my gut issues are concerned:

IBS - diagnosed over 20 years ago - mixed. I can have diarrhea and be constipated the same day.

Nov. '09- strangulated hernia and bowel obstruction. Had emergency surgery to fix the hernia and about 10cm of my small intestine was removed.

August '10 - was in the hospital for a few days due to a partial blockage of my bowels, which was relieved by medication. The blockage was caused by adhesions, and after this happened, I was put on a high fiber regimen including Citrucel. I believe this was the last time I had an abdominal ct scan. I've had several since just before and after the surgery, the last of which was last August.

I got a boatload of corn from Dad's garden last week and decided to make corn relish for the first time. I think I've been eating too much of it. I've had problems digesting corn in the past, but have not had this reaction to it before, unless it has something to do with some of the ingredients in the recipe (spices, etc). Yesterday I went to the store feeling bound up. I had lunch and not long afterwards I started to go.

The next part is graphic (sorry). After I was able to go and had a somewhat normal "poop," I started having diarrhea and felt pretty much cleaned out before I left Wally World. What a place for that to Anyway, by the time I got home I felt better....but not for long.

Last night I started feeling bound up again and I took some prune juice. Got cleaned out again, and I noticed that some of the corn I had over the weekend was there. Again - sorry to be so graphic.

Question 1: How long does it take for corn to go through one's system?

Question 2: Could it be I've developed an allergy to corn?

Question 3: Could it be diverticulitis? One of my friends, after I told her what happened, suggested that could be an issue. However, after they allowed me to eat after that emergency surgery two years ago, I was told to lay off of corn for awhile. They didn't say to lay off of it permanently.

As I write this I'm not in any pain, just really uncomfortable and bloated. I have trouble dealing with stress and the last couple of weeks have been hard on me. I've been looking for another car, which is stressful in itself. I finally found one, praise God, and will be on the road soon.

Maybe it's all the stress that's screwing up my stomach? Has anyone out there had diarhhea and then get constipated the next day? I take a water pill - among others - but skipped it today as I had to run errands and I know that sometimes water pills can be constipating.

Thoughts, anyone??? I'm tired of feeling like this. I hope this will clear up before I have to get my car, which is a long ways from where I live. It's near my Aunt's house and I'd hate to go through a long trip with my gut acting like this. Thanks!

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