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[QUOTE=tinykitten;5004057]HI um i had a baby 4 yrs ago and thats when i started bleeding after a bowel movement once i saw that i told my doctor he said its due to the stitches i had when i had my baby after every bowel movmnt the tolet would be drenched in blood like you had to focuse to see the stool thats how much blood i mentioned it again and he gave me these wipes that were suppose to help and he said i was stranging due to the sticthes and that i broke them so he needed to restitch me after that was done 2 months after the bleeding lessen to the point it stopped .

Its been 4 yrs now after me having my baby and every once in a while i'll have blood in my stool which is really painfull and burns its itchy once in a blue not always but painful and discounforting resently i hadnt had this issue for 1 yr but yesterday and today i had 2 bowel movment the stool was small but hard and i had blood in the stool not very much blood but enough to notice it any help ? I consider my self healthy i drink water 3-4 bottles a day i do suffer from constapation every now and then and drink those teas to help you have a bowel movement.

oh yes this is quite embrassing for me but i told my boyfriend about this and he told me let him see my anus i let him see and he said there was a tiny bit of skin hanging out side of my anal area he said the skin was light pink and 1/4 of an inch he bought me some preparation H, he thinks it will help but i applyed for insurance hoping to get approved this time so i can seek proper medical help but till then i'll ask here sorry if i typed a lot and thank you for reading[/QUOTE]

The blood in the stool most likely is a hemorrhoid especially since your boyfriend saw pink skin hanging outside the anus. Most hemorrhoids are caused by straining too much to pass hard stool . Try taking Citrucel twice a day to help soften your stool and help you to maintain regularity. It's a good idea to drink an 8 oz. glass of water before and after taking the Citrucel so it doesn't make you more constipated and make matters worse. Try increasing the amount of water you drink a day as that will help keep your stool soft. Eating a bowl of oatmeal with ground flax seed every day as well as 6 stewed prunes or apricots will help increase your fiber intake. I have had chronic constipation problems all my life but I can tell you that increasing your water and fiber intake will help you keep your bowels moving on a regular basis so you don't have to strain to have a bowel movement and that will help keep you from getting more hemorrhoids or making the one you have already worse or from getting an anal fissure. The more you do to prevent from getting constipated the better off you will be in the long run and healthier as well.

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