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Re: Indent in Stool
Jan 18, 2013
I just wanted to post an update for anyone who reads this. I ended up getting a colonoscopy for the above symptoms and in addition I developed rectal pressure and achy pain in the tailbone region and everything came back normal. I went to a follow-up visit with my regular GI and he said that he thinks that all my symptoms are caused by a combination of my fibromyalgia and irritable bowl syndrome. I told him that I don't have a problem with bouts of constipation and diarrhea though and he said that technically the definition of irritable bowel syndrome is abnormal contractions of the colon and intestines... spastic bowel. So essentially when I go to the bathroom, my colon spasms and compresses everything causing it to be narrow or flat. Fibromyalgia causes the tenderness and pain in that region.

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