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[QUOTE=Nona62;5200469]So I have been off and on constipated for years. I had hernia surgery and I am starting to think that there maybe scar tissue causing the constipation. So while waiting to decide if I wanted to see the doc I have had pains in the area of the surgery that have knocked me to the floor while the BM passes over the site. Or at least that is what I think it is. I haven't had a BM in 3 days now. I have taken 6 drinks of Muralax as well as an enema. Still nothing but the water from the enema. I think I am stressing about it and that maybe what is causing the no results that I am getting. I do some pain in the area of my belly button though. Any advise. I do drink a lot of water, exercise daily and ok maybe not eat a lot of fiber but I try. I have no feelings to go any kind of movement.. Thanks![/QUOTE]
I feel for you not being to have a BM. It's very painful and uncomfortable. If you're on any kind of pain medication still from your hernia surgery, this could be making your situation worse.
Have you tried a glycerin suppository ? It may take up to an hour or more to work. Being stressed can make your sphincter muscles tighten up. Put some relaxing music on and then try taking slow deep breaths and hold it to the count of 15 and slowly exhale through pursed lips. Keep repeating this cycle until you're able to pass a BM. Maybe relaxing in warm tub will help relax all of your abdominal muscles and sphincter muscles before you use the suppository and also a warm heating pad to your abdominal area might help to relax muscles also. The slow deep breathing helps me the most when I am constipated and it hurts to go because when I strain and force the BM to come out it's excruciating to the point my face turns red and tears stream down my face . You could possibly have adhesions in your abdomen from the hernia surgery and that will make it more painful to pass a BM and especially if you're constipated. Taking Citrucel after each meal will help you to maintain regularity and keep your BM's soft and easy to pass. I have learned not to allow my self to go beyond 48 hours without having a BM. If I do get to that point that is when I use the glycerin suppository to help me to go and soften the hard BM. If I go longer than 48 hours without a BM then it's excruciating to go. I have had to learn the hard way after years of being chronically constipated without moving my bowels for as long as 7-10 days and having to use a suppository and an oil based enema to get me to move my bowels. I hope these suggestions will help you to move your bowels without excruciating pain in trying to do so.

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