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[QUOTE=lcb2;5218441]Does anybody have this, or know anything about it?

I've been reading online, trying to find words for what I experience, and this feels eerily familiar.

I'll take the time to list out all of my symptoms if anybody responds. :-)


It's when the pelvic floor muscles and sphincter muscles don't relax allowing stool to pass.
Being really tense when trying to move your bowels makes he rectal and anal muscles to tighten up making it very hard to move your bowels without the pain of straining.
I listen to relaxing music and I give myself 30 minutes uninterrupted time on the toilet. To help me to have a BM without straining I do slow deep breathing exercises. I take a slow deep breath and hold it to the count of ten and slowly exhale and keep repeating this cycle until you're able to move your bowels. If you have time before sitting on the toilet,taking a warm tub bath for 20 minutes or put a heating pad on your abdomen to help relax all the abdominal muscles. I like to listen the ocean waves on a CD helps me to relax and concentrate on my breathing. I hope this can help you to move your bowels without straining.

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