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[QUOTE=thelostavenger;5228975]All things which you mentioned is happening with me. I visited doctor he gave me some medicine but didn't do any rectal exam. He said to meet him after couple of day if problem persists. This thing is happened to me for the first time in my life and i am very weak mentally and afraid. The pain is irritating and i am not able to sleep properly and some time i am com-pulsed to breath heavily. what do i do now.[/QUOTE]

Get a referral from your primary care doctor for a Gastroenterologist. Don't panic because that could make your problem worse by your rectal and anal sphincter muscles tightening up instead of relaxing when you're trying to move your bowels. It will make moving your bowels hurt more and you're more likely to strain excessively to push the stool out. This is what I do to help me move my bowels without straining and forcing excessively to move my bowels and it doesn't hurt anywhere near what it does when you strain. It actually makes it easier to have a BM. I take slow deep breaths and hold it to the count of 10 and slowly exhale through pursed lips and keep repeating this until you have been able to pass stool. It helps to listen to relaxing music to help me to relax and concentrate on my breathing and that way I am not tempted to strain or force a BM. After years of straining to the point of my face turning red, getting a hot face and tears streaming down my face just to force a BM because I haven't moved my bowels for any where from 3-10 days in a row. It felt like a knife was cutting up the inside of my rectum and it was excruciating to pass the stool and that was with using a glycerin suppository and a enema. I hope this is helpful to you.

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