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I have a partial prolapse, my mucosal layer of rectum prolapses during bowel movement and then goes back in.

I have went to almost 4 surgeons, and they said that I don't need surgery, just keep my bowel habits normal and avoid straining, everything will be alright.

but, i am also suffering with a discharge from anus, I was thinking of using Incontinence pads, I saw Prevail's men's pads and thought I should use them.

But, Is it safe, to use disposable pads for a rectal prolapse, I mean, I have read various articles about the toxins that disposable pads contain, my prolapsed rectum might come in contact with the pad itself, can toxins be absorbed into my body via the rectum?

It might seem like a weird questions, but I have OCD, so, this thought is killing me..Help, would be appreciated.

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